Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Off-Season almost over....but not quite!

I know I haven't posted in awhile it's a slow time of year for triathlons. I have been working on putting on some extra layers so I stay warm over the winter. No, really I have been doing some swimming, cycling, and running, but for the most part been resting up staying low key and getting ready for next season and I've also enjoyed the time off and had a good Christmas. I got some good races planned for next year but will let ya know those at a later time. Here are a few pics from the "off-season". I'll share.

The top picture is our house we rent. Josh put the lights up and I helped for about 5 minutes one day and let Josh sit on my shoulders to put the lights up just over the door. Josh pretty much did the whole thing though. The bottom is we had some plumbing issues the other day and I had to take care of business, if ya know what I mean and I'll let ya guess what the hanker chef on my face was for.

The other top picture is with some of my water aerobics ladies...and Lance as we had our first Christmas party together since I've been there instructor. I knew the ladies could cook so I made sure it was pot luck ;) The other bottom picture is me getting with it doing some over gear work listening to music and watching football.

Here is our Christmas tree that Josh again decorated all of it pretty much, I did help put 3 balls on there so I could say I helped too.

I will be out on a road trip starting New Year's Day with my mom as we travel to Tuscon, Arizona to visit my brother. I have plans on growing the manliest 12-day beard. Last but not least the an update on Baby Scotty (click the cute picture of the baby on the top right corner to find out more details) but the latest I heard is he only two little spots of cancer on one of his legs, this was a baby that was born with cancer in every bone, so the Lord is good.