"Just wanted to say Ritter is going to be a great fit for me. We did some work in the pool this morning and I am very impressed with him." Travis Allred, Tyler, Tx.  

"Big Shout out to my man William Ritter,  for helping me complete my first 70.3! With his coaching I was able to put up the best bike splits I've ever done, as well as help me stay hydrated for a hot run that ended up not being so bad thanks to the work we put in during training. I couldn't have done it without you William." - Stephen Dinger, Tyler, Tx 

"I'm beyond excited about today's results!! So nice to finally see some improvements! I know I still have a long ways to go but seeing results is nice!! In September my swim for Rose City was over 19 min!! But the wind was a little rougher...Just wanted to say thank you for investing your time helping me :-)" - Leslie Stelpflug, Tatum Texas

"William is a great coach and knows what he is doing. Easy to get a hold of and easy to work with." -  Steve Ward, Garland, Tx. 

Coaching Experience

Coaching & Personal Training since 2009
B.A. Kinesiology; M.B.A. 
20 years of experience in running
9 years experience in triathlon
Triathlon/Run racing at the Elite-Amateur level 
5X USAT All American & 2015 Ironman All World GOLD Athlete 

My background is strong in the endurance sports world including almost 20 years of competitive running experience. I started triathlon in 2007 as a novice, moving up the ranks racing the elite-amateur division. 

All of my coaching is detailed and based on the individual, which includes an extensive athlete assessment. Throughout the duration of your training we will meet in person or virtually for performance and technical analysis. Achieving your goal is my priority.    

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