Friday, July 14, 2017

Firecracker 5K 2017

One of my all-time favorite races the Sportspectrum Firecracker 5K in Shreveport, LA with over 3,000 other runners.   It attracts a fast field but also a ton of beginners come take part in it. 

My training had been going really great all year, including a 10:02, 3200m time trial run  just over a month before. However, just a couple of weeks before this race me and my wife came down with bronchitis. We thought it was a common cold at first but I kept relapsing after every run so I ended having take even more time off. We both saw the doctor and got antibiotics when we realized it wasn't  going away. 

The week before this race was a bit rough getting back into it as I had a few DNF's. The antibiotics made my heart rate a lot higher than it should have been. However I was off of them a few days before the race. I knew the fitness was there. 

I get in the front pack right away, however there was a Kenyan type way, way, off the front of us. However, probably within a half-mile I'm struggling to keep up. I hit the first mile in 5:03 and just behind the front chase pack now. It was a struggle after that. It's not often you hear someone say, I wanted to drop out of a 5k but today I did. I almost had to come to walk  but I managed to hold on. From the mile, I faded from 5 to 10th or 12th.   During the last quarter mile I ended up finding some legs and had a fast kick and finished 8th overall, almost catching 7th by the line. 

Racing is taking chances and making risks. Teetering on that line of blowing up. 

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