Monday, June 28, 2010

Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake

It was tough weekend in Lubbock. The plan was to race tactical and conservative. You don't want to blow up on this course and with the heat. I got off to a good start on the swim. By the first turn I found myself right behind Tyler Johnson, I got on his feet for awhile and somehow lost him and then later I saw him just up ahead again, so I kept him in sight and another guy comes along and I jump on his feet to the end. I rushed to T1 and found Tyler still getting his helmet on. My swim was a 28:06, but I am sure this a few minutes short.

On the bike the hills were tough, but I didn't push as hard as I could up them, but kept the effort steady and controlled and still out climbed most people. I sat (legally) behind Tyler for the first 10 miles. I kept a steady conservative effort on the bike for the most part. At mile 45 I found Weslie Anderson, who beat me at Galveston by 20s. I sat behind him for a few minutes before going by and tried to reel in David Jones from the Richardson Bike Mart, that guy is solid strong!!! He brought me into T2. I biked the course in 2:26.25 with a 22.97 mph average.

The 13.1 mile run was long and painful. I didn't have no legs for the run. I have never walked so much in a half marathon before. I kept looking back thinking Tyler or Weslie would catch me, but apparently there were lots of people having a much harder time than I was. David Jones caught me again with about 4 miles to go but I wasn't able to go with him. My run time was a 1:36.32 for a 7:22 mi/pace. I ended up 51st OA and 5th in my age group an overall time of 4:33.34. Buffalo Spring 70.3 was a humbling experience.

Congrats to Bo and Bryce for finishing their first 70.3 along with my new friend Sarah. A shout to my coach Brent Poulsen who killed it for 8th overall in 4:o6 and a run time of 1:20 on a very tough course. Also to Brent's fiancée Carley for looking over an economics paper I had due for school. Thanks to Cam for letting us at crash at his house. Thank Jesus! for letting me survive the race and the long drive.

Here a few pics from the weekend.

The finisher's shot.

Before our Saturday morning prep ride. Notice how big my rear has gotten since I've been riding bikes.

Team dinner at Chili's.

Me and Brent before our prep ride. Notice how he is decked out his K Swiss gear and I went with a t shirt and aviator sunglasses.

Me and Cam ran into Terenzo Bozzone, who ended up 2nd overall.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Eustace Pioneer Day 5k

Last Saturday I ran in the 5th annual Pioneer Day 5k run in downtown Eustace. It's very close to where I live and draws out some of the area's local high school runners. I was on a hard week since I am gearing up for Ironman Buffalo Springs 70.3 right now. My goal was to break 16 minutes. I got off to a very fast start with two guys and we were taking turns taking the lead at least for the first half mile before they fell off. They stayed with me for the first half mile then fell off, I hit the first mile in 5:04 and all by myself. Tired legs were setting in by half way, I quickly ran some ugly miles after that, but held off for the overall in 16:48. Good job to Gene Myers and Josh Sypert who organize and direct the event.

I'll be making the trip out to the Ironman Buffalo Springs 70.3 in Lubbock this weekend. The top triathletes in the world are going to be there Craig Alexander the 2008 and 2009 Ironman World Champion and Chris Lieto, the top American. Joining them will be Luke Bell the course record holder and Terenzo Bozzone who has won several races already this year including Ironman Texas 70.3. This one is known as one of the hardest 70.3's in the country and it will be a hot one.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Play Tri Fest

It's been awhile since I've last posted. Don't worry though, I am still here and here to stay. I've been busy working, training, and taking naps during the day since school ended for the spring semester, but summer semesters are here and I am very busy once again.

This weekend I went to Dallas with my swimming/training partner Lance, and did the Play Tri Festival olympic distance triathlon. It was his first olympic distance and he put it on the line and did great. I am very proud of him about the way he races. We had a great host, my buddy Derek Bender, who also took the most of the photos below. The photos of his are an example of his services he wants to offer single athletes or small groups who would rather have a photographer focus on them alone out there on the course for them. That is what Derek Bender did for me. You can even see more photos of the event on his or my facebook page.

The night before the race we heard Ahmed Zaher speak at Hully and Mo's bar in downtown Dallas about his horrific bike crash in Hawaii last year when a truck's side mirror hit him and cracked 6 ribs, clavicle, and collapsed a lung then 9 months later he is competing in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships. Zaher owns Play Tri and is one of fastest triathletes in the DFW metroplex. He also dominates his age group at Ironman events. His speech of the accident even caused one guy to pass out and paramedics has to be sent to the bar. The guy was alright.

After the speech we/I was starving and ate at the Olive Garden. I loaded up on way too much salad and breadsticks and barely finished my spaghetti and meatballs. I will have to be sure not to make that mistake again. Because I paid for it.

It was an unreal humid morning. My warmup jogg had me soaked in my own sweat. You could see the smog over the downtown Dallas skyline. About the only thing I go good for me was my swim and even that is not that great. I swam the 1500m in 21:06 which is a smashing PR if it is legit, but I think the course was short. I got in the pack and got a good draft and barely sighted for most of the swim. The guy I was swimming with put some distance on me at the last turn which was a long straight shot back, but after that I kept our distance about the same, but I was working a lot harder to do it. I surprised myself when I beat Michael Dawdy out of the swim.

On the bike I could never get my legs going in a good rhythm for whatever reason, they finally started to feel decent by the end of the bike, then it was too late. The bike course had a few decent hills in it. Overall I think it was a fast course, and I did it somewhere around 58 minutes for 24 miles. But Michael Dawdy rode like a beast!!! He passed me as if I was sitting still. I tried to keep him in sight but lost him when there was confusion at a turnaround point midway.

The run was terrible for me. I think over eating at Olive Garden caused me to have some serious side cramps. These cramps where very intense. I slowed my run down to a slow trot by the first mile and was debating dropping out, but I knew Ahmed was in front of me and I never beat him before. I kept on. I worked on my breathing hoping the side cramps would go away. The run was 2 out and backs, by the time I started the second one the pain was subsiding somewhat and I was able to pick it up and caught Ahmed and held on. The overall and runner-up, Tyler Johnson and Michael Dawdy were too far ahead for to me make and I ended up 3rd OA. With a time somewhere around 2:00.36 hrs.

Special thanks to! Derek Bender for being an awesome host and photographer, Lance Vernon for getting me to Dallas and back. Most of all the good Lord for keeping us safe out there in those humid/hot conditions. Thanks to my Sponsors to include: blueseventy, that speedsuit is very fast!!!, Brandon Perry and Monavie, keeping my joints healthy!!! Brooks for the shoes! And everyone else family and friends for your support!!!

Next up this month I am doing a local 5k run, Pioneer Day 5k in Eustace, Tx, on June 19th and June 26th I am doing Buffalo Springs Ironman 70.3 again for the second year in a row. I have also added a couple of races in August so be sure to check those out.

Thanks for Reading!!!



P.S. Enjoy the pics.

Where the Old Cowboys Stadium used to be.

The physical therapist who had cold towels for us at the finish line and we met them the night before at the bar.
Me and Lance.

Me w/ Rachel and Ahmed Zaher

Starting the bike.

Derek Bender Photography

Dealing with stomach issues on the run.

Derek Bender Photography

Derek Bender Photography

Derek Bender Photography

On a mission.

Derek Bender Photography

Coming out of the swim

Derek Bender Photography

Derek Bender Photography

Derek Bender Photography