Monday, February 9, 2009

Stop! Hammer Time.

Things are going great as far as training is concerned and I started off decent in my beginner's finance course. I am still trying to make sense out of why you would want to buy bonds as there are many types out there.
Last weekend I sought revenge on the hills in Fort Worth that Brent took me on time before last. I didn't have anyone to ride with me so I hoped not to get lost. Surprisingly, I remembered the whole route through the parks and the roads. I got the series of rolling hills near I30 in just under an hour from Trinity Trails on Univerisity. I hammered those hills for awhile the best I could putting out a great deal of power and turned around. It was much hillier on the way back especially up this street called Longvue. For some reason it's always windy in Fort Worth too.
Yesterday, I finally got to ride with some Cedar Creek riders. I actually rode with CJ and Brian last week. This time John came along too. John was the best out of the 3. CJ and John are both about 40 and Brian is in his mid 60's but you can't tell it. CJ was having a rough day yesterday so I offered him my banana. John and would be both keep pulling away and then slow down again. John was like I don't know if I can go much slower. On the way back a woman by the name of "Windy" (thanks Gary) decided to join us. She should have just stayed in bed, but she didn't last too long.
At the end of our ride yesterday John and I decide we'll hammer about the 3 mile stretch on the way back on 334 since it's a straight shot back. I take off press hard on the pedals while keeping a high cadence and John is on my wheel. Then John pulls ahead and suck his wheel then I come back around he stays off to my right. I keep glancing down and see his tire on my right side. I just keep thinking he's gonna swing around again. There was lots of wheeping, wailing, and nashing of teeth now. The sweat is starting to drip all over my face. Were almost to the end and John is still on my right and I am hurting so bad, I tell myself if I can hold him off until the hill at the end then I can out climb him. I look back again and he had fell off so I eased up a bit and adjusted my crotch and rode semi hard to Boot's Liquor store near the corner and wait for him. My running is going well. I am doing all my hard efforts on the treadmill right now. That way I am forced to stay on pace without slowing down while hopefully making me mentally and physically tough for these races coming up.
Last week I did a 30 minute tempo run at 5.47 pace, it didn't start getting hard until the last 8 minutes. Then last Friday I did 8 x 3 minute hill repeats on a 5% grade at 6.27 pace and a 4 minute recovery at 6.58 pace. I could have went longer but I had already run enough and I didn't want to risk injury.
Swimming is going ok, I've definitely made some improvements to my technique since being video taped. I swam my fastest 100m the other day which isn't that fast so I won't say the time. I didn't do much swimming in January because the pool was closed most of the month due to renovations to the deck. Atleast I can run on the deck and not slip.
Strength training is going well too. I am doing circuit style of training that consist of different types of pushups, pullups, dips. A few cominbination of moves such as lunges and shoulder press, and explosive hops and jumps for the legs using steps that use in step class, except I stack them high. I am trying to get extremely ripped for a couple photoshoots I have coming up soon with Jacob Reich Photography and Justin O' Keith Higgs Photography. You can visit there photography pages by viewing my top friends list. The will appreciate your stop. Today we have a swim session and a short bike ride after church. Next week I might be doing my Carthage to Timpson ride from my home town to my Grandpa's house. To see my grandparents just before turning 25!
Next up:Feb 28th Radio Shack 10K- Forth Worth, Tx


  1. awesome bike william. congratulations..

  2. hahahaha oh yes sir i just did. i saw yours and i was like man i wanna do that too lol thanks man i was glad to take that pic.

  3. "For some reason it's always windy in Fort Worth too."

    For some reason it's always windy in ALL of North Texas...