Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Texas Stampede Triathlon

Sunset over Lake Benbrook 
This past weekend I was wapping a 3 week training block that ended with the Texas Stampede triathlon since it was local and I didn't have to travel for it which made packing for this a breeze. After of over 4 years of cycling in the same shoes, I finally got around to getting a brand spankin' new Shimano shoes thanks from a generous bonus through work. The had arrived a couple of days before and I stopped at the new shop at Benbrook Bicycle that just opened a few weeks ago and Ron set me up with the cleats for my new Shimano's. Ron is a former Lockheed Martin engineer, so be sure to visit there.

 The open wave started with just 5 of us. I had gotten off to a good start until I veered left which was almost immediately. Two guys Matt and Trent pulled ahead and I couldn't quite get close enough to get in the draft. I've been working one on one with Brent Poulsen on my swim technique that's coming around, but when trying to go faster that has been a challenge as I still swam the race some with my straight arm out of the water.  I came out of the water 3rd.

Getting ready to make the U-Turn for the second loops. This is where I got cussed out by a competitor for getting  in front of them on the U Turn. It was either run into them or get around them. Someone forgot there was a race going on behind them. 

The bike was a fun, hilly,and windy route I spent my time chasing Matt and Trent. I didn't gain any time on Trent. He ended up putting some time on me though.

Heading out for one more loop on the hilly course. 
Coming off the bike I was about 30 seconds off Matt and Trent I was informed. They came off together. I started gaining ground on Trent but Matt was pulling away from Trent. I finally caught up to Trent and kept talking myself up to keep chasing Matt. I finally got Matt with a mile to go but I had some serious side stitches that I wasn't able to suffer through for another mile. 

A few of my Co-workers & friends came out to watch too and met me at the finish. 

L to R: Me, Baby Camden, Wade, Jackie, & Mack.
My #1 Cheerleader also came out too.

 I am looking forward to another big block training to gear up towards a few events this fall. Thanks to my generous sponsors and my Lord who help keep me racing and training:  Revolution Multisport,Extremus, Karbon Speed, and CR Massage who I need to go back too very soon. 

I went out to ride again post triathlon (after Pancakes) and got the double flat. Going down the huge hill by the Fort Worth Zoo sounded like glass was breaking as I heard my tube pop then my spare tube had a whole in it.

Bummed out that no air is going in. 

Yes, I still keep my race number on. 

 Thanks for reading. See you on the course.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cap Tex Triathlon

After Memphis, Calley and I headed to Austin for the Cap Tex Tri. I was seeking redemption after the previous week's 10k run off the bike. 

We were there early for a little mini-vacation and were welcomed by rain showers Saturday morning. We both did a little run outside of the hotel

Friday afternoon we were out and about exploring off Lady Bird Lake trail and we were about to hop onto this dam to feel the cool water until we saw this snake waiting here, shown below.

We also found these pair of swan's swimming along too. They both came right up next to us gawking for our camera phones.

Saturday morning we started the day off with a nice huge breakfast at place called Abel's on the Lake. This nice place with an outdoor seating deck off Lake Austin. The water looked much cleaner then the water we would be swimming in the following morning.

Race morning came along and I was pretty excited I had some good rest the last couple of days. I love waking up without an alarm clock, that is something I could get used to. I was mentally prepared to rock this out. I came out of the water with an average swim for me, minutes down from where I need to be and should be. 

The Cap Tex bike course is through downtown Austin requires the abilities to make sharp turns and high power output to get rolling again, neither which I have but I felt like I was doing pretty well on the bike. There is also a short steep hill or two in the loop we did x 4. As technical as the Cap Tex course that you have to repeat 4 times with 2,000 other cyclists on the road, it's still a beauty, especially biking in front of the Texas Capital.

I was feeling good on and once I got off the bike, however it didn't take long at all before my legs felt like logs and could never get them moving again (same story in Memphis, part 2). Brad Williams a RWB Triathlete caught me walking within 2 miles and said "We're from Texas, we don't walk" he was right about that, endurance athletes from Texas are some of the toughest athletes I know. I didn't walk the rest of the way, I at least kept one foot off the ground. 

After this race I was pretty mentally beat up and ready to retire. I did almost for a whole week but Calley encouraged me to keep "tri-ing". My goal is to get back to having fun with it then the W's will come. I thank God for my God-given talent and plan to use it also the amazing people who support me: Calley, my parents, Revolution Multi-Sport, Extremus and all my mentors and friends.

Always scoop up yo dawg's poop!! Ain't nobody got  time to be steppin' in all of dat! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Memphis in May Triathlon

I love Memphis. Memphis has "culture". BBQ & Fried Chicken, Beale St. and Rock -N-Roll!
Standing in Front of Memphis' finest dancers on Beale St. 

We left early Friday morning from Tyler. I was still asleep as we were driving there as it was apparent as I bumped the curb in the median departing Tyler. Calley and I picked my mom up in Carthage and were Memphis Bound. 

Memphis was lots of fun. Friday night we went down to Beale St. where all the action is in Memphis. We explored all the tour-isty shops, a civil rights museum, and even a BBQ joint that is up for the running for the Best BBQ in May. Calley ran into King Arthur's BBQ who was in the running for the Best BBQ in the Memphis in May Festival. King Athur finally convinced her to try some his bbq sauce. That evening we went to Jerry Lee Lewis "Great Balls of Fire" diner for dinner. After dinner we made our way upstairs to where a man was playing the great music on the piano.  

Below are a few pictures from the adventures on Beale St.

King Arthur selling Calley on his BBQ. 
"Sold" on King Arthur.
Calley's is in the middle of Beale St. 
My Mom and I after dinner at Jerry Lee's Lewis "Great Balls of Fire" restaurant. 
My Mom listening to the Piano Man upstairs after dinner. 
Calley and I dancing to the Piano man. 
Here I am taking my mom out for a spin on the floor. 
It got a little romantical in there.

Pre-race morning, Saturday before the race I went and did my pre-race spin and it had rained some over night as I was spinning in the midst of the sprint race that was being held. I made a U turn at my turn-a-round time and it may have been a little sharp and I felt my back tire slip and down I went in slow motion. Fortunately, everything was A-OK. Nothing was broken, no road rash, or bruises. Most importantly, the bike was fine too. 

That afternoon, we toured around some and went to Sun Record Studio. The recording studio where some of the greatest recorded such as The King Himself - Elvis, BB King, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and so many others. 

Following the visit at Sun Studio, went to check out Graceland. The mansion that Elvis bought and lived in for some time. Before you know it was time for dinner and we found the spaghetti warehouse in Memphis where I had a light pasta dinner followed by short stroll along the Mississippi River. 

                                      Calley and I walking by Graceland. 
                                            Everything was fine until Elvis started hitting on my mom and girl friend. 
                                                  On the drums set the Legends used. 
My Mom and I at Spaghetti Warehouse for pre race dinner. 
                                                     Sun Studio Records where the Rock-n-Roll Legends recorded. 
                                                  This is the mic that Elvis first recorded on and  is still working today. 
Walking by the River after dinner. 
Race morning came and I was super pumped and ready to roll. I met up with Elvis for some good luck vibes. I got in line since it was a time trial start which was way  more organized than Kemah was without all the chaos. I thought I was having a good swim and maybe I was but it was an average swim for me. 

I met the Elvis impersonator for some good luck vibes. He would later start hitting on my mom after the race, and Calley.  

On the bike, it took me a couple of minutes to get my legs going we were going straight into a SW headwind it felt like. We rode maybe 14 mile into wind before we got the much anticipated tail-wind to take us back home. The course was super flat but the wind made it plenty challenging. The scenery was amazing as it was a nice view of farm fields. 

Coming in on the bike. 
Starting the run my legs went to logs. It started out with a small steep hill. I could never get my legs moving really and plus it was quite warm by the time the run started. I focused on a quicker turnover. That seemed to help some but I was still struggling. 

Wrapping up the 10k run. 
I ended  up placing 4th in my age-group. Overall this was very fun trip and it was I would consider doing again next year. After Memphis I traveled to Austin to race Cap Tex, so more to come on that soon.

Thank you for reading!!