Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Texas Stampede Triathlon

Sunset over Lake Benbrook 
This past weekend I was wapping a 3 week training block that ended with the Texas Stampede triathlon since it was local and I didn't have to travel for it which made packing for this a breeze. After of over 4 years of cycling in the same shoes, I finally got around to getting a brand spankin' new Shimano shoes thanks from a generous bonus through work. The had arrived a couple of days before and I stopped at the new shop at Benbrook Bicycle that just opened a few weeks ago and Ron set me up with the cleats for my new Shimano's. Ron is a former Lockheed Martin engineer, so be sure to visit there.

 The open wave started with just 5 of us. I had gotten off to a good start until I veered left which was almost immediately. Two guys Matt and Trent pulled ahead and I couldn't quite get close enough to get in the draft. I've been working one on one with Brent Poulsen on my swim technique that's coming around, but when trying to go faster that has been a challenge as I still swam the race some with my straight arm out of the water.  I came out of the water 3rd.

Getting ready to make the U-Turn for the second loops. This is where I got cussed out by a competitor for getting  in front of them on the U Turn. It was either run into them or get around them. Someone forgot there was a race going on behind them. 

The bike was a fun, hilly,and windy route I spent my time chasing Matt and Trent. I didn't gain any time on Trent. He ended up putting some time on me though.

Heading out for one more loop on the hilly course. 
Coming off the bike I was about 30 seconds off Matt and Trent I was informed. They came off together. I started gaining ground on Trent but Matt was pulling away from Trent. I finally caught up to Trent and kept talking myself up to keep chasing Matt. I finally got Matt with a mile to go but I had some serious side stitches that I wasn't able to suffer through for another mile. 

A few of my Co-workers & friends came out to watch too and met me at the finish. 

L to R: Me, Baby Camden, Wade, Jackie, & Mack.
My #1 Cheerleader also came out too.

 I am looking forward to another big block training to gear up towards a few events this fall. Thanks to my generous sponsors and my Lord who help keep me racing and training:  Revolution Multisport,Extremus, Karbon Speed, and CR Massage who I need to go back too very soon. 

I went out to ride again post triathlon (after Pancakes) and got the double flat. Going down the huge hill by the Fort Worth Zoo sounded like glass was breaking as I heard my tube pop then my spare tube had a whole in it.

Bummed out that no air is going in. 

Yes, I still keep my race number on. 

 Thanks for reading. See you on the course.

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