Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Benbrook Lake Sprint Triathlon

This past weekend I squared off again with Dallas' Matt Inch. Since he was coming I was pretty pumped but work still must get done so I trained right through this race and hard. I actually took a recovery week the week before. They playing fields were even though as he attended a cross country camp in Michigan and put in 55 miles of running in 5 days.

Benbrook Lake
I've been working my swim/bike over the last couple of months. The swim didn't show up, my start didn't go so well. I thought I had jumped on Matt's feet when I realized it wasn't him I could see
a pack of 3 up ahead and knew that wasn't him. In a short 500m swim I was a min and some cents off Matt. I worked the bike pretty nice and was surprised how good I felt.  I could see Matt along with Jason Soria, making the round about that was at the beginning of the bike and knew I could be in the mix on the two loop bike course. I chased them both down and finally caught Matt before the last turn around. I put in a surge past him and switched sides of the road to hopefully to put some distance on him that he wouldn't be able to come back on. However once I reached the turn around I could see him close. I shut it down and decided to soft-pedal in if I wasn't going to be able to break him, which I don't think was the best decision but you never know. We both switched to our run shoes as fast as possible were on the run course together bumping elbows and exchanging sweat. We were side by side for most of the 5k. Like last month it still came down to the last mile, he has another gear that I was  unable to match again. The "Special 4" was also doing a training ride on the course - Will, Myrna, Kelly, and Angela were cheering me on for a little bit as as Matt and I were starting to put surges on each other near the end out in the middle of the 5k. Matt ended up slipping by and getting the overall win by 8 seconds. I'll live to fight another day.

Here are some pics Calley got during the awards presentation. 

Top 3 Male
Calley and I
Texas Shootout Series Cowboy hat

My friend Monty from Tyler, Tx. 
Matt Inch and I after the awards. 
Team Extremus Press Release


Thanks for reading. I'm always blessed with my amazing people who help support me. It was fun racing. God kept us all safe and Calley was great at supporting me and keeping me informed how far back I was. Matt was a class act a great guy to race with. I'm looking forward to ramping up the racing this fall and to start is The Houston Triathlon Sept 2.  Thank you to my amazing sponsors Extremus, Revolution Multisport, Tri It Wear, Karbon Speed!!!

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