Sunday, September 8, 2013

Houston Towne Lake Triathlon

Coming into the Houston Triathlon I had a couple of solid blocks of training over the last two months. I was ready. Here is a picture of me at dinner the night before at Chili's. Calley had used the beans that I didn't eat for decoration. 

Pre Race dinner art. 

Swim Start

Going into the swim, I thought I was having my best swim yet and maybe I was. I got off too a good start. Nothing too significant to write about here but this was a first for me when the water got really shallow in the last straight away and I had to run and dive back in.

Coming out of the Towne Lake swim. 
Running into transition I could see the new rookie pro Scott Wilkinson just heading out. I knew then I wasn't as far back I though and was still in the mix. The bike was mostly flat since it is in Houston at sea level. I took me awhile to get my legs moving but once I did I thought I was moving pretty good. I lost my water bottle early in the ride when I hit a bump when I was looking down. So, I was doing mostly without fluids over half the ride. Which this was short race so I wasn't worried about it. I was pretty excited to get in on the bike. I knew I was well under sub 1 hour for 40K. I thought at the time was pretty well until I saw results with some guys out splitting me by 2 or 3 minutes.

Houston Towne Lake bike

I haven't had a solid run off the bike all year this season, which is quite unusual except I've been swimming a lot more than usual too. As the saying goes regardless how well your training is going it doesn't matter until it happens on race day. I started out with good turn over but the speed of the legs weren't there. I struggled through the run but I was still thinking positive thoughts. With a couple of miles to go a couple of guys were starting to run up on me, they must have been in the sprint tri, but I reacted is if they in my division and was able to run a little faster based off that.

I finished 7th overall and 6th male. Former Pro Michelle Leblanc dominated the race on the women's side. OnUrLeft Austin Parker crushed the men's race. I think Scott Wilkinson must have had some technical difficulties, I never heard what happened.

Houston Towne Lake Finish

I thank God for a good race, even though it wasn't the end result I was shooting for there were still some positive that came out of it. Also, I had this amazinggirl Calley here shown below who was out cheering for me the whole time. Also, I have great team of people behind me Team Extremus, Revolution Multisport, CR Massage, Karbon Speed, and Tri It Wear. TriFecta is next at Possum King Lake a gem of a location out in the middle of no where 90 minutes west of Fort Worth.

Calley and I just before the start. 

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