Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SBR Multisports

Near the end of last triathlon season I started applying for various opportunities for sponsorship. I filled out several applications and wrote several essay's about myself. I never used the same one. That probably wouldn't have been a bad idea though :) A couple of weeks ago I heard back from SBR Multisports out of New York City that I was one of the chosen few.

Congratulations! You have been selected as a member of the SBR Worldwide Ambassador Team! We received over one hundred applications from so many amazing athletes of all ages, abilities and nationalities. After reading through each and every application, we are confident that we selected a solid team of men and women to represent SBR Multisports and the worldwide triathlon community. The Worldwide Ambassador Team in comprised of athletes ranging from 22-66 years, and 26 different locations around the world.

I later read the essay I wrote as it was still saved on my computer. I was like uhhh...they chose me???? They must have looked past all the grammar mistakes and saw what was really on the inside.

Anyways, I got my cool new race stuff in the mail from them today a ZOOT tri top and ZOOT tri shorts. I tried it on as soon as I recieved it. It feels absolutely amazing. It is definitely high quality material. New merchandice for '09 is in and they also have a tons of sales that are always going on. Since I assume most of you aren't from NYC if you know me by any means, but that's ok you can shop online at http://www.sbrshop.com/ You don't have to be a triathlete either, you can also be just a runner, swimmer, or cyclist to find cool new gear. It would be great if your from the DFW/Cedar Creek Lake area and bought something and be sure to tell'em you heard about SBR through me.

You can add SBR to your facebook by clicking here. http://www.facebook.com/pages/SBR-Multisports/35603648250#/pages/SBR-Multisports/35603648250

The following generous companies also help SBR sponsor it's Ambassadors: Blueseventy, Powerbar, Squadra, and Zoot Sports.

I'll be racing this weekend in the Cheetah Memorial 5k run in Longview, Texas in my new SBR gear. The race is put on by the Longview Running Club. http://www.longviewrunningclub.com/

My finance class will be over this week, so this week we're just cruising right along with that. Then I can start sleeping more which I would really like, atleast for a week anyways.

My training is going good the best workout I had last week was a 3 hour hilly ride followed by a hot 30 minute run out on the Trinity trails in Fort Worth. I also attempted a 40 minute tempo run, but I didn't eat enough the night before and the morning off so I ended up bonking and called it a day after 30 minutes. I also got in some pool and bike intervals as well.

I'm eating all the time now so please send your whole grains, fruits, vegetables, sports drinks, protein powders, granola bars, over to my place because my grocery bill is getting expensive.


  1. wow! congratulations !

  2. Well, I am all out of granola bars, so I FedEx'd over five big bags of Peanut M&M's :).

  3. I appreciate it Doug, M&M's are a favorite past time of mine.

  4. Congratulations!!!!!!

    (I found your blog on a post you made on BT about a guy who hates biking. I'm lkagop over there.)

    Enjoy the sponsorship and congrats again!