Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mile Repeats, Rain, and Lightning!

Today was 10x1 mile repeats on 7.30 min. on the Mabank Track. It was windy and on and off rain. The goal was to maintain atleast 6 minutes on every one. I was feeling good while I was running circles around the MHS Football team. Then one of the coaches came over to the start line I thought he was going to kick me off but he was very nice and asked me how many I was doing and what for and all of this. I told him I was just cruising today since it was my first day back on the track in well over a year. He said it looks like your doing more than cruising. He must not know me very well :) While the coaches were yelling for their guys they started yelling for me too, I responsed back with "Thanks Coach!"

On the 8th repeat near the end it started thundering I was lik oh no, I finshed that one out in 5.37 and they were still feeling easy. Then on 9th I was going to go for under 5.30, it thundered rather loudly while I was on the first lap, I didn't see any lightning so "all clear." Then finally starting the back stretch of the 3rd lap, I saw lightening very clear that time and got out of there. I should have just waited the weather out because that was the only strike I saw since then. I was going to try and break 5 minutes on the 1oth repeat, but it is what it is. Even though we were unable to finish I felt really good and did better than I thought I could do so this was a good guage and where to start the speed workouts in the weeks to come. Tonight I'll be strength training.

In other news Galveston is coming up on April 5th. I'll be in Carthage the night before we leave and we're leaving early Saturday morning to pick up our packets, mandatory meeting, easy workouts, and photoshoot with JOH photography with my new bike and SBR clothes. I have also switched to the elite/pro wave so I'll be the first to go at 7:15 a.m.


  1. Good luck in Galveston. I did it last year and its a lot of fun. Very well done. Yeah my grandparents have a house in Austin about 15-20min from downtown in westlake. Your welcome to stay with me if you want, I may have some other triathlete buds there as well.

  2. Your doing invitational right? Not the ITU race their having the same day correct? I'm in the process of registering and getting approved for the invitational wave now. I hope there's still some good guys and all the local pro's don't do the ITU race.