Sunday, October 16, 2016

Corkscrew 5k and Electric Zombie 5K

This past weekend I went to the Kiepersol Corkscrew 5k . I did it last year and loved the challenging cross country course. This year both RJ and I both showed up again . Last year I was a new daddy and now three weeks in fatherhood, RJ is too. 

We started off and I let RJ go out front and I pulled up next to him. This time I could hear him breathing harder than me so I gradually pulled up ahead to see if he was going to come with me and when he didn't I let off a little bit then back on some. I hit the first mile in 5:25. This course is pretty fun by the way as you get to run around and through a huge vineyard. The second mile I was moving a bit faster than the first for awhile there until we got near the end of mile two when this streak of mud came up. I ran the second mile in 5:28.

The third mile was stupid hard with most of it you are climbing your way back up to the top of the vineyard. I finished the third mile in 6;18, then you have to a loop around the road finishes with a good hill at the end. I ended up with an 18:44 for 3.26 miles and RJ I believe was 19:17, so we completely swapped roles this year. Maybe next year we'll be more even. 

Then later that night we spent the day in Dallas and Fort Worth to top it off with the Electric Zombie 5k run later that night. We took Rylan, Noah, and Evan with us. 

There was a quite a few runners here who showed up, we opened up with a pack of about 5 of us. I was a bit fatigued from the morning race, so I was simply just trying to hang in there. I was breathing kind of hard, but I could hear a couple of others breathing harder. One guy, I couldn't hear at all so I thought he was going to be the one to push me. All off sudden less than a mile into it I was all by myself. The course was extremely dark besides the start/finish line. I could barely see the course or any of the zombies in front of me. I went 5:48, 5:47, and 5:32. I finished in 17:27. 

It was a fun night! Noah and Rylan were 1st and 5th in their age groups. Calley nad a great time and pushed Evan to a  44:21. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

31ST Annual St. Gregory 5K

This past weekend was the 31st Annual St. Gregory 5K Run in Tyler, one of the longest running race in East Texas. This was put on by the St. Gregory Cathedral (elementary) school, the sister school of Bishop T.K Gorman. The weather was perfect with a bit of sun at the start. We had our Bishop Gorman JV and Middle School cross country team come out. 

This was a hilly route starting at Bishop Gorman and ending on the track. This race I didn't have anyone to push me,  so at mile one I was at the mile in 5:32, I thought I was having a bad day then the steep hill, known as ChipCo hit right after that, but still by the end of mile two I went a little faster in 5:30. Then the last mile I thought for sure I was slowing down but still I found a way to run negative splits and went 5:28. The dash onto the track for the last 1/10th I got down to a 4:20/mi pace to finish the 5K in 17:10, even a little faster than the previous week on a much flatter course. 

Felipe won the mile, he's on staff at Bishop Gorman for PE and IT. 

Joe won 2nd overall today, he's on our JV team. 

These are 8th grade middle school girls, Elizabeth, Elayna, and Tori they swept the Women's overall podium running all under 22 minutes.