Monday, September 27, 2010

Stonebridge Ranch

Praise God! For a super weekend of racing and good times w/ friends and so forth. I was at the Stonebridge Ranch tri hosted by Play Tri in McKinney this weekend. The 1500 m swim seemed a bit long to me or it could have been all the zig zagging I did. I couldn't swim straight that day to save my life. But I have a hard time swimming straight in the pool, so what did I expect anyways? The 4 loop bike course was eventful, the wind picked it seemed like on each loop and it got more crowded each time I went around. I had to slow it down more than usual because I felt my hamstring give a twinge and thought I better back off, but later as I moved more forward in the saddle it didn't bother me. I need to work on staying in that aggressive position. I also almost lost control going around the second turn, so after that I took some of the turns a little easier. I still had the fastest bike split of the day in 25.1 mph, if you exclude the relay teams. I got passed as if I was sitting still by a relay team they averaged over 27 mph on the bike, I tried to hang back with them, but I kept getting blocked off by people riding over on the left side of the road. Coming off the bike I thought I was the lead, but then found out I was 2.5 minutes down in T2 (This is where you come in Adam). So, surprised of how good my legs felt after that and no hamstring issues at all on the run. I worked on a quick cadence with my legs and that seemed to work well. I stayed consistent with my pace almost the entire way on a curvy path with several sharp inclines. I caught the guy leading, Adam, maybe after 2 miles in the run. I finished the 10k in 35:57 or 5:48 a mile, although, I know I started my watch late in the run, but I think that could be slight short, I do know though I picked it up a lot the last half mile. Overall it was a very fun day!!! I think my overall time was 2:02:34 and it was my first win at the olympic distance. As always it was great meeting new people too! Congratulations to all the racers out there, especially to Liz Raz for winning the womens side at the olympic distance and Korey Sessions and Ashley Johnson for winning the sprint.

This weekend was a big weekend for racing. Congrats to the other competitors that did the USAT Age Group National Championships in Alabama, Augusta 70.3, and The Houston Triathlon.

I owe a super thank you to Derek Bender for connecting me with some awesome hosts! Shane & Tracy Hernandez and their 4 young boys opened up their beautiful home to me and my buddy Lance. Tracy cooked the most awesomest dinner. Me and Lance watched her cook the whole time while I asked her simple of questions of why she was doing this and that. The food was way better than Olive Garden, we had spaghetti and home made sauce that included a hint of red wine, carrots, celery, and Italian beef. We also had a Caprice salad which I never had before and dessert was chocolate coated strawberries. Then after a couple of embarrassing matches, I beat the 14 year old Garret at a game of ping pong and showed him who was boss ;) If you need a dedicated physical therapist then Shane is your guy check out

Thanks also to my generous sponsors and supporters. As always thanks to Jesus Christ for blessing with me abilities, passion, determination, and health. Brent Poulsen for the hard core coaching and aways keeping me on my toes and sore after hard sessions. Blueseventy, Brooks, Monavie (Brandon Perry), and OnUrLeft Sports. I have also been working with someone else and will release some details on that soon!!!! But, next up in less than 3 weeks I'll be racing Ironman 70.3 Austin.
Here are some pictures before my swim today at the Shorrock's house on Cedar Creek Lake. The water nice and refreshing today, good for recovery.


  1. Wow, you really are amazing! Nice race report

  2. Dude! didn't tell me you were up you ran in the rain?...congrats by the way...

  3. You have too much time on your hands. I think you need a joby-job! Just kiddin--congratulations dude

  4. Hey, I want to get a swim skin. Any advice or good deals out there?

  5. Hey Ryan, blueseventy is awesome! I have a B70 wetsuit and speedsuit and they are great! I work 40 hours a week and I'm taking one graduate class right now!!!

  6. LizRaz?!! That's meeeee!!! That was my 1st Oly win too :)

    I want to be like you and the Johnson's some day!