Sunday, July 11, 2010

Peach Pedal Crash!

This past weekend was a training weekend in the Fort Worth area. Me and Brent did a 4.5 hour brick with a 4 hour ride in the Pedal Pedal tour. We got off to a very fast start with the front group and hitting around 30 mph about the time a dog ran out onto the road and caused us to slam our brakes my rear slid out and Brent hit it and we both went down. Fortunately, the crash wasn't as bad as it could have been. I have mostly superficial wounds while Brent is more sore and hopefully just bruised up. The other good news is the bikes are o.k. I know you were wanting to know. We still got back on our bikes and finishes strong.

The back of Brent's arm is banged up

I love it when Norma rubs my legs

Brent is pissed, broke his custom made Oakley jawbones

Moments before the start.

Some of my battle wounds on my leg.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Derek Bender Photography

Last month at the Play Tri Festival, Derek Bender chose to use me as a sample for his new photography business. Instead of being disappointed by a few random photos from an event, Derek Bender offers a unique service where he will follow a single athlete or a small group around and photographing them on their day! Not just a couple of photos either, but a large amount (he shot over 400 of me). He can also do slideshows, books, or anything you want. If you like the work you see of the sample slideshow he did for me then send him an email to discuss your next event. Derek is a super cool dude and fun to work with and easy to get long with. Check out for other work.