Sunday, November 1, 2015

Kiepersol Corkscrew 5K Trail Run

This was a FUN race!! 

I found out about this local race just a few days prior to the event date. The organizers seem to keep it low key, but fun and personal.  The course was more of a challenging cross country course than a trail run through a vineyard with some rocks, thick dirt, and hills! It was full of hills the last mile.  

I've been easing back into some training and road my bike almost an hour out to the race, then I saw RJ and realized biking may have been a bad idea. Biking down Hwy 69 was hillier than I last remembered it being, but my legs didn't feel too bad. 

RJ and I started off together as the top two. It was a fairly comfortable pace as we were feeling each other out. I know that sounded bad but in terms who was stronger than the other.  I though RJ was breathing hard and he picked up the pace and he thought I was breathing hard. Once we hit the grass the race was on as we went back and forth. By the mile and half mark he had pulled away but I was keeping him in close sight until about 2 miles. At this point the course is almost straight up hill back to an uphill finish. It was just longer than a 5k at 3.22 miles and I finished with a time of 20:00 flat.  Since I've only been back at it just over a month and being at my best shape is still far away I'll take it.  

What a fun race and great training day it was, I hope to make this one again next year!