Sunday, January 10, 2016

Papa John and Debby's 4 Miler

Welcome "Open Carry" Texas

Last week a couple of athletes I coach at Fly Tri Racing went to Papa John and Debby's 4 mile run, hosted for the Longview Running Club's monthly race to start the new year. We had a great time.  I had been a member of the Longview Running Club since I was 12 years old and through college before moving off and this was my first time to run in an LRC club run in about 10 years.  We chose this race due it's proximity, low costs, and the good competition we we're expecting.

This was also the first weekend of Open Carry in Texas and Papa John had no  problem with that as we all lined up for the start. My two athletes racing were Garrett and Derreck who are brothers. It was a cold 35 degrees.  The first mile was a super slow start about 6 or 7 of were kind of bunched together until we started putting in surges to get a gap. Then it became down to Garrett, Tomas, and I. We kept working throughout with several other surges thrown in to get Garrett a gap but then we would catch back to him. At the 2.5 miles I caught back to Garrett and told him "You gotta go", I didn't know know how much longer I could I keep Tomas back. Sure enough, Garrett opened up a huge gap but Tomas soon took off after him, dropping me. I thought I was done, but I was able to get back up to Tomas and slow down again. Finally, about 3 miles going up a long gradual hill I could hear Tomas breathing quite hard behind me and that's when I put my last surge in and made my last effort as we went 1,2, and Derreck finished in a solid 5th. 

Garrett Mayeaux, 1st Overall

2nd Overall 

Derreck Mayeaux, 5th Overall 

Awards (ribbons) in the Marshall Ritter's cabin 
Winning!  1st, 2nd, 5th.