Monday, October 15, 2012

Five55 Series October

Result: 1st OA

Warming-up with a duck chase. 
I've often heard you shouldn't try anything new leading up to a race. After 5 years of racing triathlon I thought I would try something different and chase ducks for a warmup. I thought I would start with ducks since they seem to be slower than chickens. Rocky chased chickens, remember. If it worked for Rocky then just maybe it would work for me too. 

I never caught the duck.
Game face is on.
This was the last of the Five55 Series (October 5th) that have been since April. Since this was the last one, I was going to make sure I smashed this one hard. As you can tell in the photo was I was ready to go minus that I still didn't have my swim cap on.

There were some quick swimmers that showed up this time. I tried to take off as fast as I could and catch a draft on Lee Webber's but that didn't happen. I had a decent swim this time if your comparing results, I was swimming as hard as I could and leaving nothing behind, but I did have to stop midway in the swim, my goggles weren't set right and and I couldn't see anything.                                              

Finishing the October Five55 Series 5k Run 17:12

I normally wouldn't have worn a speed suit for this but since this was the last one for the year and the swim is NOT 500 Meters, it gets longer each month. I figured I would swim faster but not lose much time in T1. I was wrong, again. My zipper got hung up and I couldn't get out. I debated whether or not if I should just do the 5k in my speed suit, but by then I had just worked it off. 

I had forgotten my Garmin watch too. The run was totally by feel. I came out of T1 one swinging. I wish I had known what I ran that first mile in. I finally took over the lead just half way through the 5k. I had caught Lee and he told me, "Don't let the speedo guy beat you." After seeing the final results I blitzed the 5k run in 17:12. 

The Five55 Series has been fun as I have been able to see my speed improve as the months went along.  Although the swim kept getting "longer" I found myself closer and closer near the front and just good open water practice with a group that you don't get everyday. Thank you, Juan for putting all of this together. Thank you to Coach Brent and rEvolution Multisport for the phenomenal support and Coaching this year. Also, to Wheaties for helping me get fueled first thing in the mornings. Most importantly, for Jesus Christ. HE has truly blessed me and I don't understand how he does it all.

This week I am getting ready to back to where I went to college and close out the season with the Tri Tyler Half Ironman. I'm racing in a competitive professional/amateur elite field. I am extremely excited about this.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Houston Triathlon, turned Aquathon

Result: 8th OA (Pro/Amateur Elite)

Rain, Rain all weekend. This is what I our drive to the Houston Triathlon looked like on Saturday morning. Due to these circumstances the city would later urge the race director to cancel the cycling portion to an aquathon.  All of the Five55 Series races would later pay off on Sunday morning, being new to aquathoning this year. 

The week of the race I had just raced Branson and I was struggling all week to get out of bed and get my workouts done. A Half-Ironman and over 30 hours of driving will take it out of ya. The snooze button and I became well aquainted.  By the end of the week I was feeling recovered and ready to go. 

Freebirds stop for lunch in College Station
Here am I and and one of my all time favorite places for some pre race lunch Saturday afternoon. Tiffany and I had stopped at Freebirds in College Station (AKA Aggie Land) to grab a bite to eat.

We couldn't have had better hosts. The Storey Family were fantastic hosts for our home stay. We went out to eat and I had a delicious 8" chicken pizza as my pre-race dinner for the first time. Plus we got to see the joys of parenting. Doug was trying to explain to his typical teenager son, Connor how to use the remote control with the cable and Connor walks out while Doug is still explaining. 

The water was 79 degrees, a non wetsuit swim. There were approximately 60 athletes in my that included the pro/elite amateur/ and relay. I got boxed in right from the start and had a very poor start. I came out of the water in 24:37. I still have a long ways to go as the top guys were out in 21 or under. 

Exiting the1500m swim. 

After all, the Five 55 series races have been paying off as I knew what to expect how it would feel running after swimming as I was kind-of used to it.  T1 one substansially long, maybe near a half-mile, but the good thing it gave me time to find my legs and get ready run fast. 

Once I got my shoes on and headed out. I didn't feel too great the first mile. I was thinking, "I'm too tired, I just raced Branson". "Maybe, I should just cruise this one." Somewhere along the way I began to feel good. I kept taking it one step at a time or one mile at a time. I split the first mile (once I started my watch) in 5:38. The run course wasn't too bad it was out and back with a loop went through twice with some little twist and turns that made it fun. After mile 2 (5:41), I found myself getting faster and faster. Miles 3-4 were exactly 5:36. At mile 4, I told my self this it if you want to try to pick off any more people.  I split the last two miles both at 5:33. This led to a negative split in a triathlon run. This might have been my first time to do this.  My 10k time was 35:19. 

Coming into the finish, repping my Revolution Multisport suit. 
View of the finish line with red carpet and American flags made a nice touch.

 I had a great time in Houston at the Houston Triathlon and with our fun hosts, Doug, Karen, Connor and Jake. A big thanks to Aaron Palian for putting on the best triathlons. I thank God that I am blessed with the abilities with supportive friends. Next, I'll do my best to wrap up the Five55 Series in Las Colinas Friday night (October 5th) on tired legs.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ironman Branson 70.3

Result: 12th OA
2nd Amateur
1st 25-29 AG

View from the lake at the top of a hill during my race prep run.
It's been a challenging year with triathlon as my health and fitness is concerned. We know Texas 70.3 didn't over so well, then just a couple of weeks later I ended up breaking my arm on a recovery ride of all things. A couple of months after breaking my arm I somehow caught pneumonia. However, I have steadily just been doing work. 

My mom went with me to Branson, MO. The first night in Branson....Continue reading here