Monday, April 23, 2012

Tough Road

I've been on the Tough Road a few times. I was an injury prone runner in high school sticking my legs in a bucket of freezing ice water after practice every day to live for the next meet. I got over that by the time I started college.  Post college I got over metatarsal stress fractures. Then I entered the triathlon world.

I have had my share of bicycle wrecks. I once hit and flipped over a car with a nice tailwind pushing me and walked away from it from no serious injuries. I've been over top of the bars and I've had the bike slide out from under me. The strangest one is when a deer ran across the highway in Eustace, Tx, and me of all people happen to hit it. I walked away from each of these injury free minus the road rash with nothing serious.

Yesterday on a recovery ride of all things, I couldn't wait to get back home. I was coming back into downtown on the Trinity Trails and accidently veered of the trail. I tried to get back on and missed. My tires hit the side of the trail and down I went, pretty hard for just tootin' around. I fell hard on my right arm. Completely a rookie mistake.

Today I visited the sports doctor and He diagnosed it as a radial head stress fracture and I got quite a bit of  swelling around my elbow. It looks like I am out of commission 4 weeks minimum, at least for the swimming and cycling. I'll be substituting it with therapy and rehab.  I will be aggressive as much as I can so I can get back out there. I was looking forward racing the Kemah Triathlon but there's no chance of that happening now. I have a lot to be thankful for and glad it wasn't anything worse. Overcoming these set backs is nothing new for me.  My goal is get over this and get ready for Buffalo Springs 70.3.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tour de Fort Worth the Stock Yards

I took another Tour de Fort Worth this afternoon on my own. With the Arts Fest taking place downtown it was hard to ride a bike through that area, so I rode off to the famous Fort Worth Stock Yards of course.

Everything was going fine on the way back as I was cruising on the Trinity Trails then I veered off the trail and trying to get back on I went down and banged my elbow up---with that said I'm not sure what Kemah next week will mean for me yet.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Give Into Me

Here is my first single recorded tonight! Thanks to Stephanie Lindsay and Kyle Jensen for making this video possible.

Thanks for watching this!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mayor Price's Tour de Fort Worth II

This was the 4th week of the Mayor's Tour de Fort Worth and second one I have been able to attend. This one "not to miss" as my roommate Kyle was upset he got caught in traffic and later had a flat tire as he tried to catch up to the group.

This route started just off 7th. st. at the Fire and Police memorial.

It was hard to get close to the Mayor as one of the largest groups came out and including several news reporters and photographers.

The Mayor Price showing off her Fort Worth bike jersey.

It turns out I was even standing next to a reality talk show host, Janee Harrell before we rolled out.

We rode all the way towards the north end of the Trinity Trail to the Waterfall.

Some of the views can only be captured when you ride a bike.

One of the largest groups yet.

If your wandering how I'm so cool and get to bike ride with the Mayor then click on this link.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My own Tour de Fort Worth "Down Pour"

I set out on a bicycle ride after church today in my black dress socks. I thought they made good cycling socks and matched my mis-matched kit I was wearing. I knew cycling through Ft. Worth had good scenic views so I grabbed my camera and off I went, I was going to have my own Tour de Fort Worth. I rode through Magnolia St. a place I'll go back to, but didn't get any photos there because I was just too busy checking things out but a lot of hole in the wall locally owned restaurants. It's also a place wear the hipsters hang out. I saw a few artsy guys with tight jeans and single-speeds.

Dress socks make for good cycling socks

After taking the bike lane down Magnolia and Main St. I found my way to the Ft. Worth Water Gardens. People were around taking pictures. I had to see what it was all about.

I walked all the way down there in bike shoes. It gets quite loud by the end. Not long later as I was leaving the Water Gardens. It just pours down! There were parts I where I could barely see, then it started lightening and I found shelter in a parking garage on 4th St.

Here is my view from the parking garage over-looking "The Vault Underground Lounge"

Once it started to clear-up sorta I tried to find my way back to the house. I stumbled upon this gigantic church. I never saw the name of it, but the church is huge with a large statue with Jesus letting everyone know he won the race. He is pointing #1.

Still trying to find the street I had taken to get to downtown back to the house, I came across this statue, which I've seen several times passing through. One day when I have a friend with me we'll climb up on the horse.

Somehow I completely ended up on the North side of town. Finally, I recognized the Trinity Trails. This is a view of downtown from the North side of the trails. Although not a picture perfect day, I was just glad to be able to find my way back, because I was getting a bit chilly out there.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mayor Price's Tour de Fort Worth

This was the third week of the Tour de Fort Worth that Mayor Betsy Price is leading, but the first time I've gotten to participate in. This was the great opportunity to ride my bike where I normally wouldn't go. Today we started at the Riverside trailhead on East 4th St. and rode up to the Fort Worth Stockyards and by the oldest cemetery in Fort Worth that dates back to 1850. This ride brought some interesting riders out. For example, the bleach blonde tanned guy with a t-shirt and baggy shorts (my roommate), the hippie cyclist with a tie-dyed shirt and hairy legs, and the commuter who's biked across the United States and carries a large basket on the back, we called him Jack Daniel's because of his bike jersey he wore.

Here are a few shots I got.

Mayor Price spinning the legs

In the Fort Worth Stockyards

Group Shot at Pioneers Rest- Oldest Fort Worth Cemetery 1850

The Mayor and I pre-ride.

13 Tornadoes touched down in DFW and today is picture perfect gorgeous weather

The hippie cyclist

Jack Daniel's guy the commuter

Cool personalized helmet

If you guessed it, I'm just enjoying an easy week--but I'm looking forward to getting back after it.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Texas 70.3

This was my motivation I had over the weekend, thanks to my home stay with Doug Storey & his family. Do you know whose autographs these are?

However, things didn't quite go as planned. I made some mistakes in the race that I can take to use and grow. After the swim-- starting the bike I was pushing about as hard as I could and people were passing me left and well on my left. Once we reached the seawall I could hear my front brake rubbing the wheel. I jump off twice to fix it. After this my legs weren't good for much and around mile 48 of the bike my glutes got soooo tight, I was about to cry. I tried to push but I couldn't take it anymore and rode the last 8 miles cruisin' upright. I was hoping for a good run--as I jumped off bike, I felt like I duck as the only thing I had good was the waddle

Thank you everyone for the incredible support through a lot facebook and text messaging. Most importantly thanks to my Lord for allowing me use this as a learning experience, so I can hopefully move forward. Now that I've learned from my mistakes. I'm looking forward to getting recovered and moving on to the next one which is in Kemah end of this month.