Sunday, April 8, 2012

My own Tour de Fort Worth "Down Pour"

I set out on a bicycle ride after church today in my black dress socks. I thought they made good cycling socks and matched my mis-matched kit I was wearing. I knew cycling through Ft. Worth had good scenic views so I grabbed my camera and off I went, I was going to have my own Tour de Fort Worth. I rode through Magnolia St. a place I'll go back to, but didn't get any photos there because I was just too busy checking things out but a lot of hole in the wall locally owned restaurants. It's also a place wear the hipsters hang out. I saw a few artsy guys with tight jeans and single-speeds.

Dress socks make for good cycling socks

After taking the bike lane down Magnolia and Main St. I found my way to the Ft. Worth Water Gardens. People were around taking pictures. I had to see what it was all about.

I walked all the way down there in bike shoes. It gets quite loud by the end. Not long later as I was leaving the Water Gardens. It just pours down! There were parts I where I could barely see, then it started lightening and I found shelter in a parking garage on 4th St.

Here is my view from the parking garage over-looking "The Vault Underground Lounge"

Once it started to clear-up sorta I tried to find my way back to the house. I stumbled upon this gigantic church. I never saw the name of it, but the church is huge with a large statue with Jesus letting everyone know he won the race. He is pointing #1.

Still trying to find the street I had taken to get to downtown back to the house, I came across this statue, which I've seen several times passing through. One day when I have a friend with me we'll climb up on the horse.

Somehow I completely ended up on the North side of town. Finally, I recognized the Trinity Trails. This is a view of downtown from the North side of the trails. Although not a picture perfect day, I was just glad to be able to find my way back, because I was getting a bit chilly out there.

Happy Easter!

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