Monday, May 23, 2011

Out at Ironman Texas!

Treked out to watch the first Ironman in Texas! Oh, that is the first FULL Ironman in Texas, all 140.6 miles of it. These guys swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles, and then ran 26.2 miles to take it to the house. First of all I like to say congratulations to everyone who did this huge and extremely hard event. You have to have to be missing some part of the rationale in your brain to even sign up for such a thing. Think about it....It's May, it's in the Woodlands which means it's going to be hot and humid. Regardless congrats, especially to all my friends who competed and work so very hard over the winter to make it possible. There are too many of you to mention by name but each of  you know who you are. Thank you to Stephen Milford for letting us crash at his place all weekend and a huge thank you to the grill man from the Houston Triathlon Racing Club for the bbq and OnUrLeft Sports for having the best spot on course!

OUL Elite athlete Michael Barney enjoying his day shooting Ironman athletes by cooling them off. 

OUL Elite athlete Stephen Milford in a hoola skirt shaking the booty for everyone. 

Michael Barney, Stephen Milford and Jenn at the OUL extreme spot. 

Tim O' Donnell chasing down Luke Bell and Eneko Ellanos. 

Luke Bell (Left) and Eneko battling it out. 

Chris Lieto on the first loop before dropping out. 

None other than Chris Lieto first off the bike. 

OUL athletes at their best. 

Stephen and I on our ride. Jenn taking looks from behind. 

Align Center
The ultimate sun protection team. This is not what it looks like. 

The weekend was fun hanging out doing some training and all at the same time. I am heading ot Austin for Memorial weekend to race in the Cap Tex triathlon and then that same weekned here in Dallas I'll race Play Tri fest. I owe Richard Miller and Nathan Villa a big thank youfor making this possible! Without these guys I would have to skip these to events. 

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