Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wedding Shower!

It's starting to get real less than 3 weeks left until Wedding Day. The day after the Fresh 15K Rhonda Heard and First Baptist Church of Carthage put on our Wedding Shower. I've known Mrs. Heard since high school when I ran cross country with her son Thomas. 

 Calley and I both had a great time with everyone's company.

We were really blessed to receive so many nice things that were un-triathlon related. I'm not sure what do with it all but Calley has a plan in place, I know it!  Calley and I both really enjoyed reading everyone's cards. 




Then we gave our thank you speeches to everyone. 

And of course there was pie....

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fresh 15K

Last weekend was the local Fresh 15k by Brookshires in Tyler, Tx. The race organizers went over the top on this one and the most well run running event I've ever done. We even got paper towells and toilet paper in our goody bag, who doesn't need that?   I was excited to race some fast guys that were coming into town and that it was local and right down the road. 
Most importantly I got to race with my family Calley and Rylan.            
Rylan tearing it up towards the finish.
My parents even made it out and my  Dad came out after working all night

My Mom has always been super supportive.

Dennis Kutach one of the lead out guys from the Fresh cycling team and also the guy who will be performing our marriage coming up. 

Fresh 15k Start

For a first year event this race got off to a good start and brought in a fast field including Olympic Trials qualifier Enoch Nadler from Dallas who ran away with the race and Nike Pro Dawn Charlier Grunnagle for the women. This field was also stacked with some pro triathletes including Clay Emge, Robbie Wade, and Mark Saroni.  Robbie and Mark also represent the Cobb Mobb. There were over 2700 participants in this race, Fresh did a great job promoting. There were many first timers out there including Summer Baxter who finished her first 5k.

The temperature was just right about 60 degrees but the humidity was about 100% and the hills...the key hills were some rollers on Grande, Rice Rd. and back into Hollytree including "Heart Break Hill" at mile 8. There also plenty of hills the last mile too just before coming back to Fresh.

There was no easing into this, the first mile or two my heart rate was through the roof within a couple of minutes. Initially I worked on staying with Clay but he quickly pulled away within 2 miles and worked his way up to 4th. We started out bringing up the 9th and 10th positions. By mile 3 a couple of people in front of me were starting to fall off pace and Mark Saroni wasn't too far behind me. Around mile 4-5 I caught a Kenyan on Old Grande Rd and by mile 5 I looked back and saw that Mark was starting to gain on me and I told myself I needed to put the hammer down. Mile 8 was the slowest mile for me in 5:51 it included going up what is known as "heart break hill" with Mark inching closer I was determined to not to have any heart breaks here. I knew Mark was getting closer and I was running fast as I possibly could to keep him away.

Sprinting for the finish in 52:59, my garmin said 9.5 miles and heard others having the same thing . 
The top ten class minus 1. 

Harold Wilson is legend. He began running at the young age of 54 and now he olds the Boston Marathon age group record. 
Training partner Mike Venable presenting Harold with his award. 
I had a great time at this race and paid for it too! I've felt like I got hit by a Mack truck a couple of days after the event.  I don't race again for over a month at New Orleans 70.3 but the big Wedding Date is quickly approaching on March 23rd and I couldn't be more excited to marry Calley Borocz, she's put a lot of work into it and she is so artsy too.

Thanks Again Everyone!

Hydrate, Recover, Refuel with chocolate milk the #1 sports drink out there.