Monday, March 30, 2009

What Doesn't Kill You...

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? This weekend was one of the hardest workouts I've ever if not THE hardest workout I've ever done. In East/North Texas this weekend we had cold temperatures and crazy winds. I waited until 3:15 p.m. to get started so it would be the warmest part of the day 49 degrees when I started and winds from 20-25 mph from the Northwest. The workout consisted of a 3 hour ride with 6x5 minute hard with 3 minutes easy intervals in the middle of the ride on a rolling course around 175S and 2329/316 North, followed by a 15 min easy spin then a 30 minute time trial flat out as hard as I can. To get the legs trashed for the track workout. I went out with the wind and turned around in 14 minutes then came back in 16.30. Then after the time trial it was a quick change in shoes to the Eustace track for 6x1 mile repeats My goal was to maintain 5.45s the whole way after the long bike. By the 5th and 6th mile repeats I was beginning to taste that oatmeal rasin bar I had earlier. I finally made and survived the workout. Sunday morning though when I woke up it felt like I had been ran over by a Mack truck or hit by a 1,000 bricks. In all it was a good effort. We started the workout at 3:15 p.m. and didn't get done until 8:30 p.m. I owe my buddy Lance a huge thanks for coming out in the cold to watch me. I probably wouldn 't have been able to go as fast if I knew he wasn't watching. I owe as well thanks to pro-triathlete Brent Poulsen (CAN) for challenging me to the workout.

My splits looked something like this:

2)5.28.77 (fastest)

5)5.41.15 (slowest)

This weekend is the first triathlon of the year for me at the Lone Star Tri Fest in Gavleston, Tx. I can't wait to see all the triathlon cuties out there.

Friday, March 27, 2009

President Obama and the Economic Stimulas Payment

I couldn't believe it. I am lovin' this President Obama more and more every day. After all this time I thought all he cared about was bailing out these large businesses and banks who waste all this money and flying on jets, having superbowl parties, and handing out large bonuses with your tax payer dollars Well folks, I think most us of may have got our President all wrong. I was shockingly suprised when I recieved my stimulus check in the mail. I am now a millionaire suckas. President Obama, I promise I won't waste these tax payer dollars. Do you realize how many new cars and bicycles I can buy now, maybe I'll get a private jet too? This picture on the right with me is Mike and Maybelle who also recieved their million dollar stimulus check.

You can enlarge these pictures by clicking on them, if you never clicked on a picture before :) that's what you do. President Obama wrote me a personal letter attached to the check. He told me to buy a new buy and buy a friend a new bike. I think he was talking about my friend Lance. However, if I find ways to spend all this money and it's not enough all I have to do is reapply for more and I'll get more money, unbelievable. You can also tell that President Obama didn't major in spelling
at Harvard. It's time to simulate the economy baby!

Sometime tomorrow when it "warms up" from this cold front I'll be attempting probably my hardest workout ever so if I'm alive when it's all done I may update on that. I am hoping the wind dies down too. But real triathletes don't wait on the weather (sike, exept in cold conditions or very high winds), the weather waits on you. I can hear the wind howling through the windows right now.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mile Repeats, Rain, and Lightning!

Today was 10x1 mile repeats on 7.30 min. on the Mabank Track. It was windy and on and off rain. The goal was to maintain atleast 6 minutes on every one. I was feeling good while I was running circles around the MHS Football team. Then one of the coaches came over to the start line I thought he was going to kick me off but he was very nice and asked me how many I was doing and what for and all of this. I told him I was just cruising today since it was my first day back on the track in well over a year. He said it looks like your doing more than cruising. He must not know me very well :) While the coaches were yelling for their guys they started yelling for me too, I responsed back with "Thanks Coach!"

On the 8th repeat near the end it started thundering I was lik oh no, I finshed that one out in 5.37 and they were still feeling easy. Then on 9th I was going to go for under 5.30, it thundered rather loudly while I was on the first lap, I didn't see any lightning so "all clear." Then finally starting the back stretch of the 3rd lap, I saw lightening very clear that time and got out of there. I should have just waited the weather out because that was the only strike I saw since then. I was going to try and break 5 minutes on the 1oth repeat, but it is what it is. Even though we were unable to finish I felt really good and did better than I thought I could do so this was a good guage and where to start the speed workouts in the weeks to come. Tonight I'll be strength training.

In other news Galveston is coming up on April 5th. I'll be in Carthage the night before we leave and we're leaving early Saturday morning to pick up our packets, mandatory meeting, easy workouts, and photoshoot with JOH photography with my new bike and SBR clothes. I have also switched to the elite/pro wave so I'll be the first to go at 7:15 a.m.

Monday, March 23, 2009

SBR Roster

Out of so many amazing athletes somehow I got picked picked out of these handful of athletes from all over the world to represent SBR Multisports. Check out

Sooz (Suzanne) Flannigan
Alberta, Canada

Adriana Blos
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Bridget Dyer
Denver, CO USA

Dniele Pagani
Milan, Italy

Garth Thomson

Lois Leon
Florida / New York, USA

Margreet Dietz
Squamish, BC Canada

Melina Ehrhardt
Weilheim, Germany

Nick Baelus

Pedro Cordovez

Ronaldo Cesquim
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tim Moore

Toni Peris
Barcelona, Spain

William Ritter
Gun Barrel City, TX USA

This past week was an easy week to get caught up on sleep and rest the weary bones and muscles from all the hard training that went on the last 3 weeks as we'll start another cycle soon. I finished out the recovery weekend Houston visiting my long time friend Shannon who I haven't seen in nearly a year. We went to the carnival at the Reliant Center but my stomach could only handle so many rides. If I did another ride I am sure breakfast would have came out in front of me. :) It was also hard and very tempting to resist all the carnival food they had there, but we did it. I did get some running done along some trails that went along the Buffalo Bayou, the first day I ended up getting lost because I caught up in having fun running along the trails then the next day I found some more technical trails and eventually had to make myself turn around so I wouldn't over do it. :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cheetah Memorial 5K

This weekend I got in some great training. Friday night I rolled into Longview and me, Bonny, and her daughter, and her friend ate at Johnny Carino's. I asked the waitress which pasta items had the most calories. She had to go ask somebody and then I was served with the "pasta sampler" it was very delcious and I couldn't even finish all of it. It's also true I suck at hangman, Bonny's daughter almost got me on a 3 letter word dog. Friday night it poured rain all night long.

Saturday morning we woke up to 40 degree temperatures and light drizzle. I watched MTV videos from the late 90s to the early 2000's and VH1 videos from the 80s. I actually liked the music from the 80s better, this could be a sign of getting old. But the 80's videos were a little wierd. I got to the race site and the Prez of the Longview Running Club, Leslie told me she had some competition today since the Marshall Relays track meet was canceled a couple of Spring Hill runners are doing the race. I think she seriously tried to make me nervous, but I stayed relaxed for the most part and did an easy 20 minute jog before the race and turned up the metal music as I was stripping down into my SBR gear.

Before the race I had a chance to reflect on the life of Cheetah a.k.a. Norbert Korzeniewski. He was always smiling and a very hard worker, family man, but most of a man of God. Cheetah was the guy who introduced me to the Longview Running Club. He was a fast guy. Atleast a 17 minute 5k'er in his 40's. To read about his accident click the link.

Here is more about the life of Cheetah.

Norbert joined the LRC back in the late 1980's after a bet he had gotten from a fellow co-worker. What Norbert did not realize is that bet would lead him to a love of running and competition. After joining the club, he began training regularly and accumulated some impressive race times. Times so impressive, he became known as "Cheetah." Cheetah was a cherished member of the Longview Running Club and in the year prior to his death had been sidelined by injuries. He not only had a talent for running but was an unselfish, giving person. He had a contagious likeability and a servant's heart. He was a member of East Mountain Baptist Church. When Cheetah was tragically taken in September of 2007 he was working two jobs to support his wife and two sons. This run is held to honor the life of Norbert "Cheetah" Korzeniewski as a runner, father, and wonderful human being. All funds raised will be donated to the Korzeniewski children's education fund and when it can not directly impact them it will be developed into a scholarship for a Senior Spring Hill Athlete.

The race finally started and off David Buckner went just like Cheetah did in his younger running years people said. I actually wanted to be first of the line to imitate Cheetah but Buckner beat me too it and my fast twitchers wouldn't go that fast. I settled into a comfortable pace at first with 2 other guys while Buckner was charging out front. He would be a decent runner if he'd learn to cool it there. Anyways I stay with these guys that are supposed to be able to push me a little bit (according to the Prez :) about 1/2 mile to 3/4 mile I accelerated around a curve and then a downhill and nobody goes with me, so from there on out that's basically how it went. I tried to pick it up some but for the most part it was in cruise mode. I finished with a sprint onto the Spring Hill track with a time of 16.52. Same time as Cowtown but it felt a lot easier, maybe due to the lack of wind this weekend which was nice. Thank God! for a good race!

At the awards ceremony soon be 76 year old runner Harold Wilson from Tyler, Tx was presented with a trophy for setting the Age Group record by Texans in the Half Marathon of 1:37.24. On the right is Harold and I. A few years ago he took a part time job at the fast food chain Braum's to pay for his flight to Boston and he has also been in the Sr. Games.

After the race I got into some good training, but not before visiting my long time friend Carlos Ruiz we ate a huge mexican potato at Jason's Deli then he showed me his workout facility at Good Shepard Medical Center which was wicked gym, very nice. It had state of the art equipment, smoothie bar, spa, hot tub, sauna, nice locker rooms. A very nice 4x25m lap pool. Cute girls too were working. I got in just over an hour hard swim workout then it I biked with my buddy Eric Deller in the cold for 2 hours near Longview before calling it day then I met up for some relaxation time with my buddy Jason and we played darts and watched a 1989 move about a deaf and blind guy, that was freakin' hilarious.

Sunday mornng was 95 minute long run before church and another 2+ hour bike with some Cedar Creek riders, my legs were dead for the ride my sprinting sucked but I was climbing alright.

This shoe on the right is my new carbon fiber shoe for triathlons/cycling should allow me to put more watts (Power) behind the pedal and save some energy which will then translate into hopefully faster run times.

Friday I was doing an easy spin on the trainer when I thought I had heard a knock on the door. I kept spinning then I thought the mailman might have dropped something off so I go to the front door and see this huge freakin' tree in the yard. It's limbs missed my car which would be to the left of the picture and the limbs straddled the mailbox. The good thing is that it didn't hit the house.

I know this post is long, that's how it goes sometime. I am taking a recovery this week. Next up is the Lonestar triathlon festival in Galveston, Tx on April 5th (less than 3 weeks) first triathlon of the year and I'll get to take the Ordu out. I also have a photoshoot with Justin O'Keith Photography sometime around in there.

Before I go I want to give a shout out to my God for giving me a lot of talent and discipline to keep doing what I do and for Bonny for letting me stay at her place. To Brad Scott for setting a PR in the 5k. Another shoutout to Chauncey Deller for dominating the Athens Triathlon in the cold by a 3 minute win and improving from last year by a minute. Then to the ETMC OC members who are making life changes Lance Vernon for running his first 3 miles the other day. He has plans for his first 5k run next month. It only took him a second time to join the gym and then finally to Jerri Henderson who began exercising in 2006, she had part one of her "big" surgery this weekend. She has worked very hard and proved that the "old traditional" way of exericise and diet is the key to weight loss.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SBR Multisports

Near the end of last triathlon season I started applying for various opportunities for sponsorship. I filled out several applications and wrote several essay's about myself. I never used the same one. That probably wouldn't have been a bad idea though :) A couple of weeks ago I heard back from SBR Multisports out of New York City that I was one of the chosen few.

Congratulations! You have been selected as a member of the SBR Worldwide Ambassador Team! We received over one hundred applications from so many amazing athletes of all ages, abilities and nationalities. After reading through each and every application, we are confident that we selected a solid team of men and women to represent SBR Multisports and the worldwide triathlon community. The Worldwide Ambassador Team in comprised of athletes ranging from 22-66 years, and 26 different locations around the world.

I later read the essay I wrote as it was still saved on my computer. I was like uhhh...they chose me???? They must have looked past all the grammar mistakes and saw what was really on the inside.

Anyways, I got my cool new race stuff in the mail from them today a ZOOT tri top and ZOOT tri shorts. I tried it on as soon as I recieved it. It feels absolutely amazing. It is definitely high quality material. New merchandice for '09 is in and they also have a tons of sales that are always going on. Since I assume most of you aren't from NYC if you know me by any means, but that's ok you can shop online at You don't have to be a triathlete either, you can also be just a runner, swimmer, or cyclist to find cool new gear. It would be great if your from the DFW/Cedar Creek Lake area and bought something and be sure to tell'em you heard about SBR through me.

You can add SBR to your facebook by clicking here.

The following generous companies also help SBR sponsor it's Ambassadors: Blueseventy, Powerbar, Squadra, and Zoot Sports.

I'll be racing this weekend in the Cheetah Memorial 5k run in Longview, Texas in my new SBR gear. The race is put on by the Longview Running Club.

My finance class will be over this week, so this week we're just cruising right along with that. Then I can start sleeping more which I would really like, atleast for a week anyways.

My training is going good the best workout I had last week was a 3 hour hilly ride followed by a hot 30 minute run out on the Trinity trails in Fort Worth. I also attempted a 40 minute tempo run, but I didn't eat enough the night before and the morning off so I ended up bonking and called it a day after 30 minutes. I also got in some pool and bike intervals as well.

I'm eating all the time now so please send your whole grains, fruits, vegetables, sports drinks, protein powders, granola bars, over to my place because my grocery bill is getting expensive.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cowtown 5K

This weekend (Saturday) I headed to Fort Worth at 4:45 a.m. thinking I would have arrive in plenty of time pick up my packet, warm up, and mentally focused. What was I thinking? On the drive over there, I guess I didn't eat enough breakfast my stomach felt nauceous. I Pulled over at a gas station and bent over and tried to puke. I couldn't do it but I ate a banana I had in the back of my car I was saving for later. After that episode I felt better. Into Fort Worth on 4th Street was like a rediculous 30 minute wait to travel 200 yards or so to get into the parket garage it was absurd. After I got parked I had to strip down to my race clothes as there was only so much time left. Then I had to find packet pick up it looked like an organized mess out there. Finally found that and then I had do a number 2 and restroom line was long. There were plenty people running the half which started the same time as the 10k. As the gun went off I'm sure I probably said a few explecitives outloud. I just started running with the half marathoners I didn't see any 10kers, finally I was mad as hell for about 10 seconds. I just ripped my number off. Then I thought about it for a minute and decided I could probably do the 5k which started 45 minutes later. I then get switched down to the 5k. I was like yes, now I can go to my car and put warmer clothes on until the start, well I couldn't find the parking garage so I just jogged around for the longest time and tried to stay warm. It didn't really work so I was cold the whole time.

As I mentioned before it was balls to the wall cold and windy out there.

We finally got started and the horn went off my feet were already numb. We started out in a pack for the first minute or so then it was a 1-2 race between me and 18 y/0 Nathan Collier from Pottsboro, Tx. He held a constant lead over me pretty much the whole time. I did notice that when we hit strong(er) winds I would bring him back a little bit but then he would end up pulling away again. The course consisted of lots of turns. We would eventuanlly run into some of the half/marathoners some of them slowed us down a little bit and I was able to catch Nathan but he pulled away again and put about the same distance back on me. Near the end I couldn't sprint like I usually do. All I had today was cold feet. I finished the 5k 2nd overall in 16.52, Collier finished in 16.34. I wish him the best as he attempts to qualify for the State High School meet this year. Thanks be to God for everything that could have happened and that did happen.

On a side note they put a small write up about me in the Fort Worth paper.

Missed start leads to second place
William Ritter planned to run the 10K, but a long drive from Gun Barrel City and traffic in downtown Fort Worth caused him to miss the start.
But Ritter didn’t want to waste the day, so he entered the 5K. Despite the rough morning, he finished second to Pottsboro’s Nathan Collier.

The Cowtown also featured an Ultra Marathon/Marathon/Half-Marathon/10K. To view the compete article just click the link.

Training is going good I suppose. I put in a long day the day after the race once I got moving. I am very sore right now and today was a rest day. We have some good training up ahead. Next event I am running is March 14 in Longview, Tx the Cheetah Memorial 5k, more on that later.