Monday, March 23, 2009

SBR Roster

Out of so many amazing athletes somehow I got picked picked out of these handful of athletes from all over the world to represent SBR Multisports. Check out

Sooz (Suzanne) Flannigan
Alberta, Canada

Adriana Blos
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Bridget Dyer
Denver, CO USA

Dniele Pagani
Milan, Italy

Garth Thomson

Lois Leon
Florida / New York, USA

Margreet Dietz
Squamish, BC Canada

Melina Ehrhardt
Weilheim, Germany

Nick Baelus

Pedro Cordovez

Ronaldo Cesquim
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tim Moore

Toni Peris
Barcelona, Spain

William Ritter
Gun Barrel City, TX USA

This past week was an easy week to get caught up on sleep and rest the weary bones and muscles from all the hard training that went on the last 3 weeks as we'll start another cycle soon. I finished out the recovery weekend Houston visiting my long time friend Shannon who I haven't seen in nearly a year. We went to the carnival at the Reliant Center but my stomach could only handle so many rides. If I did another ride I am sure breakfast would have came out in front of me. :) It was also hard and very tempting to resist all the carnival food they had there, but we did it. I did get some running done along some trails that went along the Buffalo Bayou, the first day I ended up getting lost because I caught up in having fun running along the trails then the next day I found some more technical trails and eventually had to make myself turn around so I wouldn't over do it. :)


  1. No I still am. But mainly just on our days @ the track on MWF. Those workouts are solid but it was all the other stuff where I was kind of feeling lost and when left to my own means ended up doing too much.

    I'm actually having a lot of fun running the steeplechase and running fast stuff on the track. It's a blast.

    What races are you doin this year? After Collegiate Nationals I think I'm gonna do four states and CapTex. Then some other races this summer and age group nationals in the fall.

  2. whoo hoo! u can add me to that list! ;-)