Friday, March 27, 2009

President Obama and the Economic Stimulas Payment

I couldn't believe it. I am lovin' this President Obama more and more every day. After all this time I thought all he cared about was bailing out these large businesses and banks who waste all this money and flying on jets, having superbowl parties, and handing out large bonuses with your tax payer dollars Well folks, I think most us of may have got our President all wrong. I was shockingly suprised when I recieved my stimulus check in the mail. I am now a millionaire suckas. President Obama, I promise I won't waste these tax payer dollars. Do you realize how many new cars and bicycles I can buy now, maybe I'll get a private jet too? This picture on the right with me is Mike and Maybelle who also recieved their million dollar stimulus check.

You can enlarge these pictures by clicking on them, if you never clicked on a picture before :) that's what you do. President Obama wrote me a personal letter attached to the check. He told me to buy a new buy and buy a friend a new bike. I think he was talking about my friend Lance. However, if I find ways to spend all this money and it's not enough all I have to do is reapply for more and I'll get more money, unbelievable. You can also tell that President Obama didn't major in spelling
at Harvard. It's time to simulate the economy baby!

Sometime tomorrow when it "warms up" from this cold front I'll be attempting probably my hardest workout ever so if I'm alive when it's all done I may update on that. I am hoping the wind dies down too. But real triathletes don't wait on the weather (sike, exept in cold conditions or very high winds), the weather waits on you. I can hear the wind howling through the windows right now.

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