Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Super Saturday and Suffer Sunday

With it being two weeks out from the Ironman 70.3 World Championships we had organized an unorganized super training weekend in Fort Worth with some of the fastest local triathletes in the DFW Metroplex. These athletes included my coach Brent Poulsen, Korey Sessions, Travis Thomason, Pedro Trinidade, Austin Saylor, Eric Trelz and Cam Mencio (Lubbock). The ages ranged from 23-37 years old.

We started Super Saturday morning with 3 hours in the saddle and I could tell my legs were fatigued from earlier this week as it was one of my hardest weeks. I knew during the warm up it would be a rough day. I got dropped from the group on the first interval. Then I saw Cam on the side of the road looking at his bike, found out he has too much power in those legs and broke a spoke. Then on the way back, I asked Cam if he was alright and he sounded positive, like he had it figured out, but what he said was "I need to borrow your phone" I was like "ok, great" and kept riding. Pedro then caught up to me and asked about Cam. I was like I think he is ok, he said something but I couldn't understand him. After we got off the bike me and Pedro did our sets long run intervals off the bike which was tough. Cam eventually was able to get a ride back in.

After biking and running, next it was swimming for me since I missed a swim this weekend. I did 4,000 meters and the main set was something like 22x100's. I told Brent I had trouble counting that high. Anyways, he laughed and I got close to puking in the pool. But I got the work done. As Philly says, "Get that fitness".

Our festivities for the afternoon included drinking lots of diet coke, watching the movie "Red" which was incredible. I think I like Bruce Willis because he is bald. We then ate at Genghi's Grill again and Carley (Brent's wife) made us some delicious gluten free cupcakes and gluten free pumpkin-pecan pie. We tore that up. We watched the Texas Rangers went Game 3!!! Then me and Eric went to one of his friends house gathering for a short period. I was debating on just going as myself as my face looked like I had smashed up against the wall as I was sooo tired. The picture below is our costume. He is the Karate Kid and I am a Rock Star.

Suffer Sunday was starting with a 90 min progression run. Let me tell you Austin, who is 36 years old can throw it down. Then it was followed quickly by a 2 hour ride around the Trinity Trails and the Benbrook area. I couldn't wait to get this ride done as my legs were beat. We met this girl Becca who caught the end of our ride and she was chatting away, mainly with Austin and his mad skills. Turns out she is a smart girl applying to med schools for internal medicine.

That's pretty much how Super Saturday and Suffer Sunday goes. If you interested in coming out next time and think you can hang, let me know. In two weeks is Ironman 70.3 World Championships. I'll competing in my age group 25-29. I can't wait to get there and have a good time. Thanks to Eric for letting me and Cam crash at his place and eat all his food again and Carley for making the awesome cupcakes and Pumpkin pie

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  1. You're a Rockstar and will do GREAT! Your fan club will be cheering you on in Big-D!