Friday, January 9, 2015

Back from Holidays

It's back to the grind now and get this holiday weight off now that Thanksgiving and Christmas is over and were flipping pages to another new year. Jeremy,  from Mind Right Multisport, currently has me on a huge bike focus this month.  

This Christmas was a remarkable one! Calley and I slowed down the Christmas rush and spent one weekend at the Claiborne House B&B,  in the antique and historic town of Jefferson, Texas. We had 5 cent coffee that night at the General Store after a piano led dinner at a seafood restaurant. 

Christmas comes faster and faster each year and this was the first time I got to spend with Calley's side of the family on Christmas Eve and we play a game of "Wheel of MisFortune" at her mom's Christmas night and we spent Christmas Day at my Pa's house in Timpson, Texas. This was also our first time to spend Christmas as a married couple.  

Carlos and I have been really good friends since 2002, when I first attended East Texas Baptist University. We haven't seen each other in a few years but have always stayed in touch occasionally. He moved to Tyler last year and we were able to hang out for the first time in several years. 

 All these years riding a bike and it didn't harm the boys, at least since I have been riding Cobb saddles! A couple of months ago we found out Calley was pregant and she is now out of her first trimester, we will find out the sex of this baby in just a few weeks! In our first sonogram we found the heartbeat is 160 beats a minute and 1-9/16" long.  We are so excited!

 Here is a to a great 2015! I'm excited about this New Year!