Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ready...to Roll!

Training is going well. We have been having some strong group rides up here, usually leaving Ron's house in Frisco with some of the baddest triathlete-cyclist in the metroplex. I am lucky they even let me show up to the start.  Here is a shot at a pit stop in Gunter, Texas on a group ride North of the DFW Metroplex. Apparently half our group had some misscommunication where we turning around at. I was one of the smart ones and turned around with the early group. 

This weekend I am looking forward...actually I am super pumped for a variety of reasons, but either way I am excited to be representing OnUrLeft Sports and ready to roll this weekend in one of their own events the Bridgeland Triathlon in Cypress, Texas. 1500 plus people have signed up for this. It's probably going to be the biggest and best sprint triathlon in the South! 

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  1. Good luck at Bridgeland! Manage the heat!