Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some good ridin'

This week I've been on the grind getting ready for Vegas and the Bridgland sprint coming up. The pool where I normally swim has been closed down so I have to come and suffer in the hot outdoor pool at Austin Ranch where I stay. Not exactly the best for pool swimming but it works well for open water practice without going to the lake. I had another cool picture of the Saturday morning group ride with some of the top local triathletes in DFW  with our bikes lined up at this gas station, which made for a good shot. There was 8 of us total and the ride got really fast after the first hour.  

This video that I shot a few days ago is dedicated to my man Nathan Villa who hooked me up with a saddle. My previous saddle was hanging on by a thread. It was bad, my riding partners would often make fun of my saddle before our rides. I no longer look as ghetto when I ride now, but I will always be ghetto. 

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