Friday, December 5, 2014

The What Off-Season Blog


Calley and I found out that God is planning to bless us with a new addition to our family next July! She is almost 8 weeks in.  We are super excited and can't wait for this moment as we announced to our family and friends over the Thanksgiving break. Thanks to Brian Phillips, a Fresh team road racer, I have a my cycling stroller lined up ready to carry the little one around.  

Off-Season/Winter time is a good time to do something a little bit different, while still maintaining some fitness as you engage in holiday meals and cheat on your nutrition fueling, most days of the week.  With that, I also worked on a building a budget friendly mountain bike, my buddy and co-worker  at Cobb Cycling, Seth, helped me put the 29er full suspension together. It turns out I can run through trails faster than I can bike right now However, being a little slow from my fellow racers on the mtb doesn't stop me from enjoying my riding.  Check out my little jump on the higher ramp at the UT Tyler Trails.

Thanksgiving was great! I have a lot to be thankful for in my life and it would take another blog or two, to list out everything. God has blessed me with everything in life to beto be thankful for. We celebrated hard with all the traditional fixin's on both my side of the family and Calley's side, which her side included two dinners, one by Dallas and the other at her mom's, you can't beat that. There's not much need to say, like most people,  I carry a few extra pounds around this time of year. 

 My Pa, who is tough as nails in his mid 90's helped me go out and pick pecans after our hearty lunch. . He just recently gotten over a bad fall, where he banged his head on concrete, that required stitching. Pa was real helpful, though, he likes to point out all the pecans I missed right by feet. I actually enjoyed it, it's always great to spend some quality time with Pa.

After Thanksgiving, Rylan and I went to expend our turkey consumption,  we rode bikes around UT Tyler. I did bribe him with Marble Slab ice cream if he went and rode with me. It worked out well, I got a kick out of him ordering his ice cream as he went to town on ordering and eating, also, it was fun crusing around with him.

2014 Season was a bit of a somewhat roller coaster with some ups and a lot of downs, performance wise on race day. It's hard to pinpoint an exact cause of why, though. Instead of worrying about all of that, I've turned over the reigns to Jeremy Brown, from Mind Right Multisport, after watching his coaching from a distance this past year, where all I have to do is execute the training and racing. I've had a knee issue since January, this year, it's been tender and sore, but not really effecting my training/racing, not getting better or worse, however, I would like to get that better soon, so I don't have any running to do until maybe January right now.  I'm planning a short season through the first week of June, next year, and will spend the rest of the year with my new baby and Wife and go from there. I'm going into 2015, looking to bring the fun back into the sport, with high goals and an open mind.