Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Off-Season almost over....but not quite!

I know I haven't posted in awhile it's a slow time of year for triathlons. I have been working on putting on some extra layers so I stay warm over the winter. No, really I have been doing some swimming, cycling, and running, but for the most part been resting up staying low key and getting ready for next season and I've also enjoyed the time off and had a good Christmas. I got some good races planned for next year but will let ya know those at a later time. Here are a few pics from the "off-season". I'll share.

The top picture is our house we rent. Josh put the lights up and I helped for about 5 minutes one day and let Josh sit on my shoulders to put the lights up just over the door. Josh pretty much did the whole thing though. The bottom is we had some plumbing issues the other day and I had to take care of business, if ya know what I mean and I'll let ya guess what the hanker chef on my face was for.

The other top picture is with some of my water aerobics ladies...and Lance as we had our first Christmas party together since I've been there instructor. I knew the ladies could cook so I made sure it was pot luck ;) The other bottom picture is me getting with it doing some over gear work listening to music and watching football.

Here is our Christmas tree that Josh again decorated all of it pretty much, I did help put 3 balls on there so I could say I helped too.

I will be out on a road trip starting New Year's Day with my mom as we travel to Tuscon, Arizona to visit my brother. I have plans on growing the manliest 12-day beard. Last but not least the an update on Baby Scotty (click the cute picture of the baby on the top right corner to find out more details) but the latest I heard is he only two little spots of cancer on one of his legs, this was a baby that was born with cancer in every bone, so the Lord is good.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Local wins big at 3rd Triathlon

Thanks to Eston Williams, one of the Local Methodist preachers and Pearl Cantrell the writer for the leading newspaper in Cedar Creek
Lake. The hard copy will be out Sunday morning with the following photo of me running just before the final turn to the finish line!

This week has been filled with gluttony (fried pies, BBQ, hamburgers, cheesecake, and more), the sin that Baptist preachers don't preach about.

Local wins big at 3rd triathlon

By Pearl Cantrell
Monitor Staff Writer

GUN BARREL CITY– The triathlete coach who helped a Seven Points man start a new sport as a triathlete has himself won a major competition.
(A story on these two men and their accomplishment was published in the July 26 issue of The Monitor.)
William Ritter, who works at the Olympic Center in Gun Barrel City, won the overall competition at the Lake Conroe Iron Star race this last weekend.
The 25-year-old was the first to cross the finish line after completing a 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile bike race, and a 13.1-mile run.
It took him 4:23.55, smashing his former best time at a 70.3-mile race of 4:42. Last year at this same race, he finished ninth in 4:49.
Everyone at the Olympic Center congratulates Ritter on his accomplishment.
“I’d like to thank Jesus Christ for letting me making out of this race without getting seriously injured and of course for my second triathlon win ever and my first half win! Also, my parents for putting up with me and getting the hotel room and keeping their boy fed and my coach, Brent Poulsen, who has been guiding me since May, and setting me up for a good race,” Ritter said. “Thanks also to SBR Multi Sports in New York City for sponsoring me this year.”
It was his third 70.3-mile distance race, with last year being his first.
The swim was a beach start with 20-29-year-olds in the last wave, which put Ritter about 20 minutes back from the first wave.
He completed the swim in 34.57 minutes, despite getting whacked on the head by another swimmer and later being tackled and kept down by another crowd of swimmers, he reported.
Ritter also had some trouble with the wetsuit “strippers,” getting his wetsuit stripped off over his enormous calves. The effort left him with a rug burn and a sore bum at the start of the 56-mile bike race.
It was the first time he wore a heart-rate monitor in a race. “I was surprised to see my heart rate over 180 after the swim. On the bike, it gradually came down,” he said.
About a mile into the bike race he hit a bump crossing a bridge that knocked his water bottle off. Ritter was left with just his second bottle of sports drink, which he would have liked to have alternated with the water in the lost bottle.
His goal was to go all out on the bike and take the lead, regardless of the first group’s 20-minute head start. He did the 56 miles in 2:19:04, averaging 24.2 mph.
Then came the 13.1-mile run. He hoped to cover one mile every 6.15 minutes. That pace lasted the first two miles then started slowing down.
Eventually, there were just four runners ahead of him, and the leader five minutes in front of them. After passing the first group, he caught up with the leader at the 9-10 mile marker.
“That’s when I knew I had a good shot at coming in first,” he said.
But with just over a half-mile to the finish, Ritter started puking up Gatorade. He had to stop. He was gagging, and wasn’t sure he’d be able to finish. But he got enough out of his system to begin feeling better and began to run again.
It took him one hour and 27 minutes to finish the half-marathon run. Upon crossing the finish line, Ritter puked a lot more and was put on an IV.
“They told me my lips were blue and I was looking pale,” he said.
The Gatorade didn’t settle too well, but overall it was a good break-through race, he added. His efforts left him with the fastest bike and run splits for the day.
Ritter thanked motorists for not running him down while he trained on his bike on Gun Barrel City streets.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Iron Star Triathlon 70.3

Here are some photos from the Iron Star Triathlon weekend I'd like to share in Lake Conroe.
Here is me and my mom at IHOP the afternoon before the race.

Me and my training mate Loc Ly he went sub 5 hours!!!! If you need drugs he is your guy too.

At the medical tent with an IV. I was pale and had blue lips afterwards of puking gatorade.

Coming in on the bike to only have to go and run now.
This guy is a blog reader of mine that came up talked to me, also inspired of Scotty's story. Has a 2 year old of his on.

With my homeboy Stephen, sucks he got a flat would have gave me a good run for my money.

End of the 1.2 mile swim

It was a beach start ...so CHARGE!!!!
Out of water looking for the strippers.

The final stretch of the run. I left some gatorade a couple of roads back.

Me and my old man at keep it poppin' like thugz at IHOP the day before. The man can eat more than I can. Probably where I got my eating habits.

I just completed my final race of the triathlon season the Iron Star triathlon on Lake Conroe, Tx. It was my third time to do a 70.3 distance race with last year being my first. I had a pretty good block of training starting after the U.S. Open tri to prepare myself for this event just to the point where your just about to crack and then you get to recover before the main event.

The swim was a beach start with the 20-29 year olds in the last wave which put us about 20 minutes back from the first wave. The goal of the race was to get in the draft behind my buddy Stephen Milford and then hammer the bike and be the first one to cross the finish line regardless what group started first. Stephen let me know he wasn't gonna let me draft today. He can be a cocky mutha sometime. I got off to a good run start into the water only to be passed up as soon as we started swimmer then somebody whacked my noggin' pretty good, then later in the swim, I thought I had entered a UFC Water Fight as someone tried to tackle me, but luckily they didn't take me down too bad, and finally I was whacked in the back my club mate Steve Farris ;) I am out of the water in 34.57 but a lot of people are saying it's long maybe by 50-100 meters. Then the "lil' wetsuit stripper boy" couldn't get get my wetsuit off around my enormous calves so I was like hold on as he was dragging across the carpet and it caused me to have a sore bum as I ran into T1.

On the bike it was my first time to use my HRM in a race and I was surprised to see my HR at 182. I thought I would be in trouble early on. I stuck to the plan and hammered the bike. Within a mile of the ride I hit a bump across a bridge pretty good which knocked my aero bottle of the down tube. Now I only had one bottle of sports drink I use and I was hoping to be able to alternate it between that and water. At around mile 20 I finally caught Stephen I thought about giving him a love tap on the rear on the way by like he did at me at Galveston as my tire was going flat but I thought better of it (b/c I didn't wanna flat) but it turns out he flatted at mile 39 and another guy who had the chance John Robertson also flatted around that same area. The bike course was hillier than from what I remembered from last year, there was a lot of rolling hills the first. The second half was more into the wind and miles 40-46 is what I like to called the "energy lab" as it was straight into the wind and deceiving uphill. I don't think I was even crackin' 20 mph on this baby. The last 45 minutes was a struggle to keep speed up as I running out of people to leap frog around. I finished the 56 mile bike ride in 2:19.04, to average 24.2 mph.

The run was supposed to be with whatever I had left with hopefully a 6.15 pace. That lasted about 2 mile and then it started slowing slipping way down to 6.20s, 6.25, 6.30s and then 6.40s. I was staying hydrated on the course with water and gatorade and I was still taking in power gels. When I stared I had about 4 guys just in front of me and another guy about 5 minutes up the road. When I caught the lead guy of this first group I asked him if anybody else was up ahead and he said one guy (Kevin last name too long to spell) was 5 miles up the road. But it turns out he actually said 5 minutes as volunteers and other runners were giving me updates on how far he was ahead. I finally was able to run him down between 9-10 miles then I knew I had a good shot at coming first across the finish line. Around 12 1/2 miles all the gatorade I had consumed decided to make an exit and I bent over and started gagging, then I would try and run again and started puking and puked some more, I didn't know if I was going to be able to finish now. That mile went up to a 7.52. Ouch! After I was done or so I thought I told the guy who was directing me towards the finish "Let's go, I feel better now". Then we started talking more I asked him if I was gonna break 4:30 and he said I was cutting it close then I told him we better get to work then. I finished the run in 1:27 minutes and some change, I had 12.2 miles or so on my GPS so a little long and I then I puked much more at the finish. I asked the paramedics for an IV they said I was looking pale and my lips were blue.

I finished the race in 4:23.55 smashing my old time from BSLT 70.3 of 4:42 and last year at Iron Star I finished 9th OA in 4:49. I'd like to thanks Jesus Christ for letting me making out of this race without getting seriously injured or hurt of course for my second triathlon win ever and my first half win!!! Also for my parents for putting up with me and getting the hotel and for keeping their boy fed. My coach Brent Poulsen who has been guiding me since May set me up for a good race. Thanks to SBR Multi Sports in New York City for the sponsorship for the year. Make sure you check out there gear and products on the online shop at www.sbrshop.com. Thanks to Lance Vernon and Rocio Mullins for taking turns with me taking me to the pool 30 minutes away at the Cain Center in Athens and for many other people for their support and their couch. To my club East Texas Triathletes and Colonel's Bikes for their service and keeping me riding fast.

Also for people who have been keeping up with Baby Scott the lil ' man who gave me inspiration this season finished his 8th round of chemo not long ago and found out the cancer is still there but it is shrinking and I think he has been cleared of cancer around the skull. Thank you for ALL the people who have donated online and the Olympic Center desk where I work his family appreciates it very much! I plan on doing a few winter run races and I'll be getting the 2010 schedule ready!

Monday, November 2, 2009

This is It!

No, I'm not referring to the Michael Jackson movie. This weekend I'll be racing in the Ironstar triathlon in Montgomery, Tx on Lake Conroe, it's a 70.3 distance. It wil be my second year to do it. I just finished a good block of training. I wrapped it up this weekend with Brent Poulsen, Loc Ly, and Jarrod Stevens this weekend. We did a 2 hour TT on a hilly route with a short run at goal 70.3 pace. The TT had me mentally prepared to ride flat out this weekend and I was riding scared because I knew BP and Jarrod were chasing me. On another note the SMW rankings just came out today, I moved up to finish out 4th overall and 1st in the 25-29 males.

Below are a few pics I'd like to share.

DFW Area triathlete party, it was over about 9pm.

Brent and I at the party with water bottles.

We saw Michael Phelps at 8.0's

My roommate Josh's Eustace High XC team. The boys were 2nd in District and the girls were third. This weekend they will be at the regional meet in Arlington.

I decided to look normal for once while I mowed the yard the other day.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Toyota U.S. Open Dallas Triathlon

I met Hunter Kemper, 3x Olympian triathlete (2000,2004,2008).
(also an Orbea rider).

Matt Reed and Sarah Haskins win the Toyota Cup Series.

Sarah Haskins made $20,000 for winning the series she was 2nd in Dallas.

Sarah Haskins and Matt Reed on the big screen with the Toyota Cup.

Top 3 Male and Female Toyota Cup winners
Greg Bennett was 2nd in Dallas and 2nd in the series, but would have won, but had a collision with a car on his bike in early August and missed Chicago.

Matty Reed, overall winner today and overall winner of the series made $20,000 for the win and $20,000 for 1st overall in the series.

I met with Greg Bennett afterwards, he rides the same bike as I.

What a weekend it was in Dallas for the 2009 Toyota U.S. Open triathlon. This was the end of the Toyota cup series, it was stacked with some of the best triathletes in the sport. I thought the expo was really cool with a variety of different vendors handing out free samples and selling some discounted clothes and accessories. 3X Olympian Hunter Kemper was also at the Toyota booth when I was there giving away some cool prizes, my buddy Mark from Rowlett, Tx won a $150 value of Espira racing flats. I got to go up to Hunter afterwards and he signed my U.S. Open shirt and a card with his picture on it, he was a super cool dude.

For the weather in Texas it was a little on the chilly side this time of year. It was about 55 degrees the morning of the race and on top of that it was wet and rainy which is not good when your about do a 40k bike across Dallas as hard as you can. That morning we had to drop stuff off at transition 2 since it was a point to point triathlon and then take a shuttle bus to Joe Poole Lake in Grand Prarie. We had to wait about 45 minutes for a bus since they were short on buses, this later caused the triathlon to be pushed back 15 minutes.

Finally, we are about to start the swim. Conditions of the water are 70 degrees which choppy conditions, especially when coming back to the North direction. My start wasn't as well as I wanted but I finally settled in with a couple of other swimmers and got behind them trying to draft but the guys were kicking so hard creating a lot of tolerance I just pulled up next to them instead. On the far side of the course I didn't sight at all and while I focused on staying close to the guy next to me and let him to the navigating. On the way back to shore I lost him somewhere ended up swimming most of the way after that by myself. The swim was slower than I expected to be out of the water in 26.40. Stripped off the wetsuit and headed on the bike in 55 degree weather.

On the bike I didn't feel as cold as I thought I would. But the road conditions for this race was horrible, there were huge cracks in the road and it was bumpy with several potholes you had to be careful of. Not to mention the beginning of the course was fairly hilly and slick. I managed to hit all time low of average speed this season. There times when I thought I had a flat, I almost got off to check, but I didn't. I was like I'll know for sure when I can't pedal anymore. Turns out it was from the rough roads. Going downhill in the rain around 30 mph was kinda scary and I also hit a pothole where my hands slipped off the aerobars but I was able to recover quick and not crash. So somewhere around this point it came important to stay upright on the bike and not have a bad a crash. I suppose due the cold weather I was also having calf cramps and would have to coast and stretch out my legs. The good thing is nobody passed me on the bike except at the very end a guy passed me back but I let him go as we were about to be done and I knew it was about time to get out of the shoes. I managed a 21.8 mph average. Definitely not impressed with this.

Coming into T2 my right calf cramped up really bad trying to get my shoe on, so I had to sit down and do it while this one guy was getting away from me, I got my shoe back on and caught him out at the beginning of the run and I was in the back of a 4 man pack. After I got everything under control after take a gel I worked my away to the front of our pack and took off from there. We headed out on the Katy trail and it seemed to be a long gradual hill all the way out and downhill on the way back. I was able to make up sometime on the way back. This was the best run I've had off the bike in awhile it hurt pretty bad but managed to run a 35.44 10k (6.2 miles).

At the post race food table 2nd place finisher and 3x Toyota Cup winner Greg Bennett came up and asked me how I did. I was said something like "Hey, your Greg Bennett." He was hit by a car back in August the article was on slowtwitch.com. He is doing quite well. He would have won the series but missed the race in Chicago due to the crash. After I got my camera out of T2 I saw him again later we posed for a picture and he signed my finishers towel.

Thanks especially for the Good Lord keeping me safe out there and for Mark Mulch for letting me crash at his house in Rowlett. Also be in prayer for Mark's buddy on the Multisport Ministries team Jeremy Williford that was in a bad crash. Not sure what happened but a police report had to be filed. He suffered muliple fractures in the pelvis, left leg, 4 broken ribs and 12 staples in the head.

The results for me came out to be 53rd OA/639 finishers and in the Elite Local Division I was 16th OA/36 finishers.

I am staring a big build now for the half iron triathlon called Iron Star outside of Houston, Tx on November 8th for and Lord willing go out with a bang. I will hopefully learn how to swim by then. This weekend I'm training with my coach and pro triathlete Brent Poulsen, so I know that will be a tough session. I am also hoping the sunshine will come out and dry up the roads too.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

US Open Live this Sunday!

This Sunday I am competing in the U.S. Open in Dallas in the Elite Local Division it will be shown live on Sunday morning on www.slowtwitch.com. It's starts with the pro's at 7:30 a.m. , so if your up you need to check it out. It should be a real good race since this is the end of the Lifetime Fitness U.S. Open Series this year.

Training is going well and I've managed to stay flu free so far. Sunday morning was a 3 hour ride with some pace work in there, in the pouring rain once it became daylight, followed by a 4o minute run at goal pace (6.05 avg./mile). It literally poured buckets, but I enjoyed, I couldn't help but laugh when I felt the rain at it's strongest, it was great, it felt liberating. I've also been washing my hands every chance I get to to avoid the spread of germs, the ER at the hospital that I have to walk through has been packed for weeks now. I got my flu shot this week, the nurse said I was a bleeder. My arm is a little sore but not too bad. I also got a new training tool I've been playing around with some this week, the Garmin 310xt. The rest of this week has been easy with some short burst of race pace work. I am pumped about the weekend in Dallas.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

China Style Baby!

The weather is finally cool us for us endurance athletes. This morning was a cool and crisp, perfect running weather. Today was 90 minute progression run around the neighborhood. I ran with Josh's Garmin 305 and got in 5 miles the last 30 minutes, finishing the whole run with 13.7 miles. I got lot of "weird" reactions from GBC drivers out here, especially when I was hammering it out the last 30 minutes at a 5:50-6.15 mile pace.

From the pictures above this Chinese lady Pat, that works out at the ETMC Olympic Center, gave me some Chinese tofu to try out and some spicy garlic sauce to put on top of it. Tofu as you may know taste bland, but the garlic sauce made a big difference in taste. It was delicious but was freakin' spicy. I didn't think I had that much congestion but my nose started clearing immediately as I took the first bite. I ate the whole thing, 5 servings x 150 calories.

Tomorrow is a long bike and a 70.3 goal pace run off the bike, followed later by a swim. I am sure there is going to be studying and attending church in there as well. The training is coming a long well and I believe I am coming into peak form at the right time and if everything goes well I should have an awesome 70.3 race next month that Brent Poulsen designs for me. In a couple of weeks I should get a weekend or two training with him. I'll try and get some sick pictures of us hammering it out. I'll be the one crying in the background, but before that next week I'll be focusing on getting ready for the Toyota U.S. Open in Dallas. I'll be racing with the elite locals.



Monday, September 28, 2009

Stonebridge Sprint: USAT Texas State Championship

Some of the crew at the O.G. I put down 3 bowls of the "Never Ending Pasta".

The elite wave of swimmers swimming past the mansion on the lake.

East Texas Triathletes racked up some bling with Jeff Waskowiak 2nd 20-24 male and Lindsey Moore 2nd 20-24 Female.

With my buddy Jeremy Bosco and his first open water triathlon.

This weekend me and my buddy Jeremy traveled to McKinney to compete in the Stonebridge Sprint triathlon, this year it was chosen as the Texas State Championships, so a good opportunity to move up in the South Midwest Rankings. That night we at the Olive Garden and I put down 3 bowls of whole wheat liguine and meatballs, it was awesome, but my goal was to atleast tie my old teammate RJ Cowan from the UT Tyler Cross Country team. After we got we laid around on the floor at my buddy JMAC's apartment and watched some of "Wedding Crashers" funny movie, no doubt.

I had a decent swim for me, not terrible and I sighted reasonably well. We had the sun in our face on the way back, I was using the person beside me to sight off of. Went 12.10 for 750 meters. Out onto T1 there was supposedly wetsuit strippers available but I missed them somewhere, so did other people. I was trying to beat my buddy Jacob who had an off day, I heard Aaron yell he's up 1 minute, I never thought I was going to catch him. The transition was long and down a steep down hill, when I got my wetsuit off my chip came off too. Thankfully a guy was by my rack watching and told me.

Onto the bike it felt like I could hardly breathe and it was an uphill start. I had a hard time getting into my shoes so I just waited until it got more flat. I caught up to my buddy Jacob around 3 miles and slowed down some, I think I was a little shocked I caught up to him, but he's been sick this week so we have to try again soon. I was hoping he was leading the race and I was having a stellar day, turns out there about 5 more guys way up the road. On the second 6 mile loop around a guy was on the left side and I was trying to pass him. I yelled "On your left" several times I tried to squeeze between him and a cone and made it but his aero bars hit my right leg, but luckily he didn't go do down and we became friends after the race. I think I could have hammered a bit harder. Finished out the 12 mile, two loop course in 24.9 mph for 28.58. In T2 I followed one guy out and it was the wrong way. They told us afterwards we were getting a 1 minute penalty for our time but they never added, it turns out also the first two guys must have done the same thing because we all got INC's for our T2 times.

I think the course was long for us. It says I ran the 5k in 20.17, no way did I run that bad. It did seem the first mile was all uphill and then I got a sharp side stitch that almost brought me to a stop. I felt like I was running good before that. I was able to pick it up again around the half way mark, I got extra motivated when I saw some guys at the turn around that didn't seem too far away behind me with good run turnover's.

The end result came out 3rd Overall, with a time of 1:03.50

Thanks to JMAC for letting us crash at his place and Coach Poulsen for helping me train and race better and to SBR Multi Sports for helping me look super cool in the high tech apparel.

I only have two races left, the next one is the U.S. Open in Dallas in a couple of weeks. Don't forget to help Baby Scotty Brown fight neuroblastoma, by going to his Caring Bridge sight on the right hand corner of my web page.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cedar Creek Lake OWS Clinic Last Sunday

Last Sunday after church hours about 6 locals showed up for me teach them through a grueling 2.5 hour session of open water training. The 1 hour I had planned quickly turned into 2.5 hours as I my list was long of things I wanted cover and I wanted to be sure they had it down, or at least enough where they could practice with it on there own later. We went over all kinds of things from basic body position, sighting, mechanics, and even starts. I told them from the beginning the swimming portion is my hardest part of the triathlon but I've learned a lot from a variety of individuals and it's coming along. Most of people I worked with were looking a lot better by the time I finished working with them. It's always great to see progress being made, some people this was there first open water swim and for them to build confidence in the water was great to see.

Here is what a few people said about it or me through facebook, email, or discussion forum.

Hi William, I went swimming today @ the Cain center to get a 250 yd time. I wore my tri suit and tried to work on what you taught me Sunday. I still have a long way to go but my 225 meter time was 4.34. I thought I miscounted my laps so I waited 5 minutes and did another 225, this time it was 4.44. Wow you don't have a clue to how much you helped me. All I can say is that I owe you one. Thank you so much for your help and good luck this weekend. Steve

William...thanks for putting on a great clinic today!!! Ready to apply what I learned and start seeing improvement :)

I know everyone knows William and those who know him very well will describe him as a very disciplined man.
To me the time that he has spent with all of us at the lake has been very valuable. He is a very good teacher and very patient. Those are very good virtues.
I don't want to talk for all of us but he has earned a lot respect from me.
Thanks once again.Rocio Mullins
Keep fighting the good fight

So teaching the open water with the Cedar Creek Lake locals was fun, we will do it again. Now I gotta get mentally prepared for the Stonebridge Sprint this weekend.


Friday, September 18, 2009

New Place with New Mates!

I just moved into a new place this week, not far from where I used to live in Gun Barrel City, Tx where tobacco is the city flower, and where you find crystal meth in just about every neighborhood, and going to Walmart is like going to view a freak show for free.

Meet my new roommates. This is Josh.

Josh is a graduate from East Texas Baptist University and is part of the Eustace ISD faculty where he is physical education teacher and the Head Cross Country coach with a young team who are ranked 2nd in the District.

He is also a real good runner how has a lot of potential to be a great triathlete. He has done a few triathlons in the last couple of years, on a borrowed a bike. I need a training partner, someone who can push me out here in the sticks. We know triathlon equipment can be expensive, so if you have anything like a wetsuit or a tri bike you would like to donate or sale then let me know.

This is Jimmy!

Jimmy is a Texas A&M graduate and part of the Mabank ISD faculty where he is a science teacher and also the tennis and basketball coach. He likes to grill steaks and he just got a 2009 Camaro.

Despite all the rain we have been having in Texas this past week training is going well and I haven't missed a workout because of it. Coach Brent Poulsen had me on the track yesterday trying to sharpen up some speed and I super excited about racing in DFW next weekend in the Stonebridge Ranch triathlon, which is also the USAT Texas State Championships.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Nearly 350 Take Part in Rose City Triathlon

This was in Sunday's Tyler Morning Telegraph. You can also view the complete age group results by clicking here. http://results.active.com/pages/displayNonGru.jsp?orgID=216359&rsID=83742

Nearly 350 Take Part In Rose City Triathlon
LAKE TYLER -- The East Texas Triathletes team hosted its Second Annual Rose City Triathlon Saturday at Lake Tyler.

The USA Triathlon event benefited Hospice of East Texas. A total of 347 competitors, more than double of last year's 163, took part in the 650-meter swim, followed by a 14 mile bike leg and a 3.1 mile run. Despite persistent rain, many spectators cheered the triathletes during the swim and run portion of the day.

The 29 & under class begins the 650-meter swim during the second annual Rose City Triathlon Saturday at Lake Tyler.
Chauncey Deller finished first in the men's division, finishing with a time of one hour and 2.53 seconds, followed by 2008 Robert E. Lee graduate Brady O'Bryan, who finished in a time of 1:03.48 and UT Tyler cross country coach Bob Hepler (1:05.20).

Karen Robertson, from Grapevine, finished first in the female overall with a time of 1:18.19. She was followed by Natalie Bach from Marshall (1:21.31) and Joanna Hamilton from Mesquite (1:21.38).

The race was promoted as beginner-friendly, and included a relay team category which encouraged participants who otherwise wouldn't have competed. The Tyler Bicycle Club supplied cyclists to team up with local swimmers and runners to form the relay teams.

The conditions forced a last-minute altering of the swim course, but Kami Nedbalek of East Texas Triathletes said director Steve Farris oversaw a successful race.

"Steve's many years of triathlon experience prepared him well for the challenges of directing a race with such an increase in the number of participants," Nedbalek said.

Major sponsors for the race included: Peltier Nissan, East Texas Medical Center, American Gold and Diamond, Farris Machine, Hossley-Embry Attorneys and Counselors, Urology Tyler, PA, Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce, Syler Veterinary Clinic, Alan's Lawn & Landscape, Arlington Physicians, Texas State Optical and Racquet and Jog.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rose City Triathlon

With Lance V. and Marck M. in the post race tent.
with my mom and her jack russell dog.

Alan Harris handing me the 1st 25-29 Male award while John Cobb is announcing.

Fellow triathletes from the Cedar Creek Lake, glad to see we are growing in numbers. Early in the race, cruising at 5.35 pace, couldn't seem to make the legs go any faster.

Coming not last out of the swim, training is paying off. The start of the 20-29 and relay swim wave. Got kicked in the eye as soon as we started.

Lance and I made the trip Tyler Friday night and ate at the Olive Garden. I had the "Never ending Pasta Bowl" with whole wheat liguinie. I asked the waiter, so this means I can keep eating and eating until I can't any more right? He was like yeah, so on my second plate it was about 1/2 smaller than the first one and I said "You don't think I can eat a full plate." He was like "No, but I don't know where your gonna put it though. "

I had rained all Friday night and started raining early Saturday morning which made conditions for the race less than optimal, but we carried on the event with a great success. This race was stacked with good young athletes and old ones too. I had a good swim start for the first 0.5 seconds just like I had learned until someone's foot came back and kicked me in the eye, I settled into a good pace, my form seems to be coming along and I felt really strong all way until the last turn, when I was getting tired. Eric Deller was drafting of me, but I didn't at the the time but he kept hitting my feet and the last time he did it was a little hard, so I gave him a good kicking' and tried to tackle me or something and he came up beside me and I realized it was him a good buddy, haha. It happens. But last year he beat me by over a minute out of the water with wetsuits, I swam about the same time as I did last year without one so that is good progress I suppose. I was 11th OA out of the whole thing of the swim with 11.12. Off into T1 passed up my bike but quickly found it and I was off.

The bike course was slick, so going around the curves and turns a little cautiously slowed me down a bit. One time, I took a curve too wide and though I was going to run off the road, just glad no other cyclist were coming in the opposite direction at the time. It was also hilly, it had rolling hills the East Texas kind, I was out of the saddle a few times, I was supposed to stay in aero as much as I could but the hills slowed me down a bit but still managed over a 23 mph time in 36.30 for the 3rd fastest bike. Into T2, I went down the wrong row dang it, lost a few seconds there and almost went in the wrong direction heading back out, gotta remember to rehearse these things a little better. I think I could have gone a bit faster but it was more of a bike handeling issue for me in the crappy weather.

The run course was pretty much pancake flat, except my shoes were soaked and I was sliding around in them. I thought I would catch Saroni, but he is in cross country and it is obviously paying off as he had a faster run split than I. I felt really good actually for coming off the bike, but couldn't make my legs go any faster. It must be from the 10k pace work I've been doing. I felt like I could hold it for another 3 miles. Managed to run a 17.20, 5k which is about 5.35 per mile, which put me with the 6th fastest run, the first time my bike has out performed my run. Now only if I can get my swim up there.

I finished 5th overall in 1:06.47, which is over 3 minutes faster than last year, thanks to a better bike and training. UT Tyler graduate Chauncey Deller blasted a new course record by 3 minutes in 1:02 and change, followed by last year's winner Brady O'Bryan, then it was the UT Tyler XC/Track Coach Bob Hepler, who still has it going strong in his mid 40's, and then the youngster Mark Saroni in 4th, all were good strong runners and I couldn't make any ground up, I actually lost ground.

Thanks to my parents for coming out to support me and for the East Texas Triathletes Club Steve Farris, Duke Gill, Alan Harris, Matt Madison, Clint & Gina Bolton, John Cobb, and many others for making the Rose City Triathlon a great success even with the crappy weather. Let's not forget the many sponsors who donated lots of money, food, door prizes and many other items. Also the Good Lord for not letting the weather get too crazy and for no wrecks (that I know of).

As you may know, I am racing this last part of my season for Scott James Brown also known as "Baby Scotty" visit his link here to check his progress. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/babyscotty. You can donate through the website or send money through Key Bank that is mentioned on the website. The lastest news is the neuroblastoma cancer (rare cancer) had reduced a lot so keep him your prayers and hopefully he will fully recover. Thank you so far to the ones who have contributed at the Olympic Center desk where I work or who have sent it in mail or through online donations you are greatly appreciated.

Next up, since I know I need to work on my short course racing, I am doing another sprint in a couple of weeks in McKinney, Tx in the DFW area it's the Stonebridge Ranch Tri: Texas State Championships for a lot of SMW points, so I'm hoping for better weather there.