Monday, September 28, 2009

Stonebridge Sprint: USAT Texas State Championship

Some of the crew at the O.G. I put down 3 bowls of the "Never Ending Pasta".

The elite wave of swimmers swimming past the mansion on the lake.

East Texas Triathletes racked up some bling with Jeff Waskowiak 2nd 20-24 male and Lindsey Moore 2nd 20-24 Female.

With my buddy Jeremy Bosco and his first open water triathlon.

This weekend me and my buddy Jeremy traveled to McKinney to compete in the Stonebridge Sprint triathlon, this year it was chosen as the Texas State Championships, so a good opportunity to move up in the South Midwest Rankings. That night we at the Olive Garden and I put down 3 bowls of whole wheat liguine and meatballs, it was awesome, but my goal was to atleast tie my old teammate RJ Cowan from the UT Tyler Cross Country team. After we got we laid around on the floor at my buddy JMAC's apartment and watched some of "Wedding Crashers" funny movie, no doubt.

I had a decent swim for me, not terrible and I sighted reasonably well. We had the sun in our face on the way back, I was using the person beside me to sight off of. Went 12.10 for 750 meters. Out onto T1 there was supposedly wetsuit strippers available but I missed them somewhere, so did other people. I was trying to beat my buddy Jacob who had an off day, I heard Aaron yell he's up 1 minute, I never thought I was going to catch him. The transition was long and down a steep down hill, when I got my wetsuit off my chip came off too. Thankfully a guy was by my rack watching and told me.

Onto the bike it felt like I could hardly breathe and it was an uphill start. I had a hard time getting into my shoes so I just waited until it got more flat. I caught up to my buddy Jacob around 3 miles and slowed down some, I think I was a little shocked I caught up to him, but he's been sick this week so we have to try again soon. I was hoping he was leading the race and I was having a stellar day, turns out there about 5 more guys way up the road. On the second 6 mile loop around a guy was on the left side and I was trying to pass him. I yelled "On your left" several times I tried to squeeze between him and a cone and made it but his aero bars hit my right leg, but luckily he didn't go do down and we became friends after the race. I think I could have hammered a bit harder. Finished out the 12 mile, two loop course in 24.9 mph for 28.58. In T2 I followed one guy out and it was the wrong way. They told us afterwards we were getting a 1 minute penalty for our time but they never added, it turns out also the first two guys must have done the same thing because we all got INC's for our T2 times.

I think the course was long for us. It says I ran the 5k in 20.17, no way did I run that bad. It did seem the first mile was all uphill and then I got a sharp side stitch that almost brought me to a stop. I felt like I was running good before that. I was able to pick it up again around the half way mark, I got extra motivated when I saw some guys at the turn around that didn't seem too far away behind me with good run turnover's.

The end result came out 3rd Overall, with a time of 1:03.50

Thanks to JMAC for letting us crash at his place and Coach Poulsen for helping me train and race better and to SBR Multi Sports for helping me look super cool in the high tech apparel.

I only have two races left, the next one is the U.S. Open in Dallas in a couple of weeks. Don't forget to help Baby Scotty Brown fight neuroblastoma, by going to his Caring Bridge sight on the right hand corner of my web page.

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