Saturday, October 3, 2009

China Style Baby!

The weather is finally cool us for us endurance athletes. This morning was a cool and crisp, perfect running weather. Today was 90 minute progression run around the neighborhood. I ran with Josh's Garmin 305 and got in 5 miles the last 30 minutes, finishing the whole run with 13.7 miles. I got lot of "weird" reactions from GBC drivers out here, especially when I was hammering it out the last 30 minutes at a 5:50-6.15 mile pace.

From the pictures above this Chinese lady Pat, that works out at the ETMC Olympic Center, gave me some Chinese tofu to try out and some spicy garlic sauce to put on top of it. Tofu as you may know taste bland, but the garlic sauce made a big difference in taste. It was delicious but was freakin' spicy. I didn't think I had that much congestion but my nose started clearing immediately as I took the first bite. I ate the whole thing, 5 servings x 150 calories.

Tomorrow is a long bike and a 70.3 goal pace run off the bike, followed later by a swim. I am sure there is going to be studying and attending church in there as well. The training is coming a long well and I believe I am coming into peak form at the right time and if everything goes well I should have an awesome 70.3 race next month that Brent Poulsen designs for me. In a couple of weeks I should get a weekend or two training with him. I'll try and get some sick pictures of us hammering it out. I'll be the one crying in the background, but before that next week I'll be focusing on getting ready for the Toyota U.S. Open in Dallas. I'll be racing with the elite locals.



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