Monday, March 16, 2009

Cheetah Memorial 5K

This weekend I got in some great training. Friday night I rolled into Longview and me, Bonny, and her daughter, and her friend ate at Johnny Carino's. I asked the waitress which pasta items had the most calories. She had to go ask somebody and then I was served with the "pasta sampler" it was very delcious and I couldn't even finish all of it. It's also true I suck at hangman, Bonny's daughter almost got me on a 3 letter word dog. Friday night it poured rain all night long.

Saturday morning we woke up to 40 degree temperatures and light drizzle. I watched MTV videos from the late 90s to the early 2000's and VH1 videos from the 80s. I actually liked the music from the 80s better, this could be a sign of getting old. But the 80's videos were a little wierd. I got to the race site and the Prez of the Longview Running Club, Leslie told me she had some competition today since the Marshall Relays track meet was canceled a couple of Spring Hill runners are doing the race. I think she seriously tried to make me nervous, but I stayed relaxed for the most part and did an easy 20 minute jog before the race and turned up the metal music as I was stripping down into my SBR gear.

Before the race I had a chance to reflect on the life of Cheetah a.k.a. Norbert Korzeniewski. He was always smiling and a very hard worker, family man, but most of a man of God. Cheetah was the guy who introduced me to the Longview Running Club. He was a fast guy. Atleast a 17 minute 5k'er in his 40's. To read about his accident click the link.

Here is more about the life of Cheetah.

Norbert joined the LRC back in the late 1980's after a bet he had gotten from a fellow co-worker. What Norbert did not realize is that bet would lead him to a love of running and competition. After joining the club, he began training regularly and accumulated some impressive race times. Times so impressive, he became known as "Cheetah." Cheetah was a cherished member of the Longview Running Club and in the year prior to his death had been sidelined by injuries. He not only had a talent for running but was an unselfish, giving person. He had a contagious likeability and a servant's heart. He was a member of East Mountain Baptist Church. When Cheetah was tragically taken in September of 2007 he was working two jobs to support his wife and two sons. This run is held to honor the life of Norbert "Cheetah" Korzeniewski as a runner, father, and wonderful human being. All funds raised will be donated to the Korzeniewski children's education fund and when it can not directly impact them it will be developed into a scholarship for a Senior Spring Hill Athlete.

The race finally started and off David Buckner went just like Cheetah did in his younger running years people said. I actually wanted to be first of the line to imitate Cheetah but Buckner beat me too it and my fast twitchers wouldn't go that fast. I settled into a comfortable pace at first with 2 other guys while Buckner was charging out front. He would be a decent runner if he'd learn to cool it there. Anyways I stay with these guys that are supposed to be able to push me a little bit (according to the Prez :) about 1/2 mile to 3/4 mile I accelerated around a curve and then a downhill and nobody goes with me, so from there on out that's basically how it went. I tried to pick it up some but for the most part it was in cruise mode. I finished with a sprint onto the Spring Hill track with a time of 16.52. Same time as Cowtown but it felt a lot easier, maybe due to the lack of wind this weekend which was nice. Thank God! for a good race!

At the awards ceremony soon be 76 year old runner Harold Wilson from Tyler, Tx was presented with a trophy for setting the Age Group record by Texans in the Half Marathon of 1:37.24. On the right is Harold and I. A few years ago he took a part time job at the fast food chain Braum's to pay for his flight to Boston and he has also been in the Sr. Games.

After the race I got into some good training, but not before visiting my long time friend Carlos Ruiz we ate a huge mexican potato at Jason's Deli then he showed me his workout facility at Good Shepard Medical Center which was wicked gym, very nice. It had state of the art equipment, smoothie bar, spa, hot tub, sauna, nice locker rooms. A very nice 4x25m lap pool. Cute girls too were working. I got in just over an hour hard swim workout then it I biked with my buddy Eric Deller in the cold for 2 hours near Longview before calling it day then I met up for some relaxation time with my buddy Jason and we played darts and watched a 1989 move about a deaf and blind guy, that was freakin' hilarious.

Sunday mornng was 95 minute long run before church and another 2+ hour bike with some Cedar Creek riders, my legs were dead for the ride my sprinting sucked but I was climbing alright.

This shoe on the right is my new carbon fiber shoe for triathlons/cycling should allow me to put more watts (Power) behind the pedal and save some energy which will then translate into hopefully faster run times.

Friday I was doing an easy spin on the trainer when I thought I had heard a knock on the door. I kept spinning then I thought the mailman might have dropped something off so I go to the front door and see this huge freakin' tree in the yard. It's limbs missed my car which would be to the left of the picture and the limbs straddled the mailbox. The good thing is that it didn't hit the house.

I know this post is long, that's how it goes sometime. I am taking a recovery this week. Next up is the Lonestar triathlon festival in Galveston, Tx on April 5th (less than 3 weeks) first triathlon of the year and I'll get to take the Ordu out. I also have a photoshoot with Justin O'Keith Photography sometime around in there.

Before I go I want to give a shout out to my God for giving me a lot of talent and discipline to keep doing what I do and for Bonny for letting me stay at her place. To Brad Scott for setting a PR in the 5k. Another shoutout to Chauncey Deller for dominating the Athens Triathlon in the cold by a 3 minute win and improving from last year by a minute. Then to the ETMC OC members who are making life changes Lance Vernon for running his first 3 miles the other day. He has plans for his first 5k run next month. It only took him a second time to join the gym and then finally to Jerri Henderson who began exercising in 2006, she had part one of her "big" surgery this weekend. She has worked very hard and proved that the "old traditional" way of exericise and diet is the key to weight loss.


  1. Thanks William. I guess now I will have to run. LOL Good work keep it up I know you will.

  2. haha, there's not turning back now, it's on the internet. I am drinking my famous smoothie right now.

  3. wow, great race ! // crazy about the tree... so lucky it didn't hit your house!