Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rose City Triathlon

With Lance V. and Marck M. in the post race tent.
with my mom and her jack russell dog.

Alan Harris handing me the 1st 25-29 Male award while John Cobb is announcing.

Fellow triathletes from the Cedar Creek Lake, glad to see we are growing in numbers. Early in the race, cruising at 5.35 pace, couldn't seem to make the legs go any faster.

Coming not last out of the swim, training is paying off. The start of the 20-29 and relay swim wave. Got kicked in the eye as soon as we started.

Lance and I made the trip Tyler Friday night and ate at the Olive Garden. I had the "Never ending Pasta Bowl" with whole wheat liguinie. I asked the waiter, so this means I can keep eating and eating until I can't any more right? He was like yeah, so on my second plate it was about 1/2 smaller than the first one and I said "You don't think I can eat a full plate." He was like "No, but I don't know where your gonna put it though. "

I had rained all Friday night and started raining early Saturday morning which made conditions for the race less than optimal, but we carried on the event with a great success. This race was stacked with good young athletes and old ones too. I had a good swim start for the first 0.5 seconds just like I had learned until someone's foot came back and kicked me in the eye, I settled into a good pace, my form seems to be coming along and I felt really strong all way until the last turn, when I was getting tired. Eric Deller was drafting of me, but I didn't at the the time but he kept hitting my feet and the last time he did it was a little hard, so I gave him a good kicking' and tried to tackle me or something and he came up beside me and I realized it was him a good buddy, haha. It happens. But last year he beat me by over a minute out of the water with wetsuits, I swam about the same time as I did last year without one so that is good progress I suppose. I was 11th OA out of the whole thing of the swim with 11.12. Off into T1 passed up my bike but quickly found it and I was off.

The bike course was slick, so going around the curves and turns a little cautiously slowed me down a bit. One time, I took a curve too wide and though I was going to run off the road, just glad no other cyclist were coming in the opposite direction at the time. It was also hilly, it had rolling hills the East Texas kind, I was out of the saddle a few times, I was supposed to stay in aero as much as I could but the hills slowed me down a bit but still managed over a 23 mph time in 36.30 for the 3rd fastest bike. Into T2, I went down the wrong row dang it, lost a few seconds there and almost went in the wrong direction heading back out, gotta remember to rehearse these things a little better. I think I could have gone a bit faster but it was more of a bike handeling issue for me in the crappy weather.

The run course was pretty much pancake flat, except my shoes were soaked and I was sliding around in them. I thought I would catch Saroni, but he is in cross country and it is obviously paying off as he had a faster run split than I. I felt really good actually for coming off the bike, but couldn't make my legs go any faster. It must be from the 10k pace work I've been doing. I felt like I could hold it for another 3 miles. Managed to run a 17.20, 5k which is about 5.35 per mile, which put me with the 6th fastest run, the first time my bike has out performed my run. Now only if I can get my swim up there.

I finished 5th overall in 1:06.47, which is over 3 minutes faster than last year, thanks to a better bike and training. UT Tyler graduate Chauncey Deller blasted a new course record by 3 minutes in 1:02 and change, followed by last year's winner Brady O'Bryan, then it was the UT Tyler XC/Track Coach Bob Hepler, who still has it going strong in his mid 40's, and then the youngster Mark Saroni in 4th, all were good strong runners and I couldn't make any ground up, I actually lost ground.

Thanks to my parents for coming out to support me and for the East Texas Triathletes Club Steve Farris, Duke Gill, Alan Harris, Matt Madison, Clint & Gina Bolton, John Cobb, and many others for making the Rose City Triathlon a great success even with the crappy weather. Let's not forget the many sponsors who donated lots of money, food, door prizes and many other items. Also the Good Lord for not letting the weather get too crazy and for no wrecks (that I know of).

As you may know, I am racing this last part of my season for Scott James Brown also known as "Baby Scotty" visit his link here to check his progress. You can donate through the website or send money through Key Bank that is mentioned on the website. The lastest news is the neuroblastoma cancer (rare cancer) had reduced a lot so keep him your prayers and hopefully he will fully recover. Thank you so far to the ones who have contributed at the Olympic Center desk where I work or who have sent it in mail or through online donations you are greatly appreciated.

Next up, since I know I need to work on my short course racing, I am doing another sprint in a couple of weeks in McKinney, Tx in the DFW area it's the Stonebridge Ranch Tri: Texas State Championships for a lot of SMW points, so I'm hoping for better weather there.

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