Sunday, August 30, 2009

RCT Pre Tri Clinic

This weekend was the Rose City Triathlon Pre-Tri Clinic #2, it's mainly for beginners to help them not be so nervous and better prepared on race day. It was good time as you can see from the pictures race director Steve Farris yellin' out orders from his kayak and swimmers got to swim the 600 meter swim course and me and Lance after out cool down soak in the lake and John Cobb (look up Cobb Cycling) was there were hanging out watching the swimmers come in. I had 6x1 mile repeats that morning near 5.30 pace and then went to the pre tri clinic out on Lake Tyler to help out and I did the 14 mile bike course to be familiar with it, I let my competiveness get to best of me and took off in the top pack, but I drafted behind my buddy Chauncey so I wouldn't have to work too hard. It was a good time and great seeing new faces taking up the sport and making triathlon popular in the East Texas region. This morning was an intense short bike with 2 x 10km time trials, the first one wasn't that great as I faced some good headwinds the first half and just got over 23 mph, the second time I averaged just over 25.5 mph so I was happy with that since I had some tired legs, then it was a quick run off the bike, managed to hold a 5.50 pace without really slowing down. This week been tough but next week will be a bit more challenging. Then this afternoon, I just hanging out with my bible study group for a social gathering we grilled turkey burgers and watched the Rangers game, now it's time for an ice bath to get ready for a real tough week coming up.

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