Sunday, August 2, 2009

Schedule, Bike Wreck, and Outings

Here is the rest of my schedule for this season. The second half of this season I am racing for a little year old boy Scotty from Colorado who has neuroblastoma in every bone of his body and his survival rate is only 20-30%. I work with his grandma Jamie who is occupational therapist assitance. Stay tuned as I will release more info on him in the upcoming weeks.

August 9 Wool Capital: 2009 South Midwest Regional Intermediate Championships - San Angelo
August 22 Clearlake Tri- Clearlake (just south of Houston)
Sept 12 Rose City- Lake Tyler
Sept 27 Stonebridge sprint: 2009 Texas State Championships -McKinney (DFW)
Oct 11 Lifetime Fitness Toyota U.S. Open- Dallas
Nov 8 Iron Star 70.3 - Montgomery (Lake Conroe)

Well this morning I was out early on my bike and long story short I had a water bottle in my right hand and then hit the front brake and flew over the bike and damaged my right brake lever, so hopefully the guys at Colonel's Bikes can fix me up so I can race next weekend, if not I'll have to borrow a bike I might not be used to or not race at all.

If your ever in the Cedar Creek Lake area stop at McClain's Restaurant in Seven Points. Reminded me of a 1950's diner. Turns out Mrs. McClain bought the place in the late 70's, previously known as Fred's. Me and Tab ate grilled chicken livers the other night.

This is at the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth we were out walking the trails and Tab had a little trouble getting past the fallen tree.

This is last night during a down pour, it looked like twilight.

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  1. that's awesome that you are training for scotty :)