Monday, August 17, 2009

Out for Clearlake Tri

I hate to say it but I am having to pull out of the Clearlake triathlon this weekend due to bike problems and a little bodily injury. I was riding along a newly chip sealed road (yuck! I am hoping they smooth it over) and am riding along thinking this isn't so bad, but I'd rather ride on something smoother so I'm beginning to turn around and as I brake I feel the rear wheel come loose and over the top again I go. It's my second wreck in two weeks, broke the bars in the same spot, so I am opting out for some more crash resistance bars this time. I landed on my elbow but it's ok, I think my bike fell on top of my leg or something and just have some swelling according to my physical therapist I work with.
Other than the weekend was good. Did some hard running Saturday morning before work with 10x1km repeats at 1ok effort and 90 sec rest then later did some jet skiing that was fun that is a good workout, it made my triceps and upper back sore and the next day was spent swiming/fishing with some church mates (after my bike wreck). I found out I really am horrible at fishing with two girls caught more fish than I. I did have one fish but it fell off the hook before I could reel it up so I didn't count that one. Also Tabitha came over and surprised me this weekend. Also we got a new addition to the household, this kitten who we named "Biscuit" has been hanging around on the front porch as you can see from the picture above.
I'm not racing Clearlake this weekend. I'll be taking this week easy letting my leg heal and I still got a big hole in my heal from that blister from San Angelo that I am still trying to get over, then it will be back on the grind then the Rose City triathlon is next Sept 12.

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  1. That kitten .. so. freaking. adorable. and teeny tiny ! Sorry to hear about Clearlake but it's always better to rest than race and risk injury.