Friday, August 14, 2009

IRP Wool Capital: SMW Region Championships

This past weekend me and Tabitha made the long trek to San Angelo for a Jack Weiss race from Ironhead Race Productions, it was a long way to go but it was the Regional Championships which means points are worth a bit more than they usually are and can put you in higher rankings if you do well, which really means nothing at all. It wasn't a large field but a highly competitive field, as it brought some top age group athletes from the region to the race. Brady O' Bryan a UCLA student from Flint, which is by Tyler, Tx, destroyed the race with fast times in every event.

I on the other hand finished the 1500m swim in 25.30, which is so far my best non wetsuit swim. I thought I was swimming better than but I guess not. The course was out and back and coming back the sun was in our face. I could see swimmers on my right but I still veered off and cross over on the other side when I looked up and finally saw a bouy almost in front of my face I decided I better get back over. I finished 28th out of the water. Somehow I made through T2 with fastest time, not sure how I did that with a guy talking next to me. I had my best ever bike split of 25.05 mph for 40k which put me at 59.38 for 5th fastest bike. The course was hilly and windy, especially heading out, coming back we had the aide of a tailwind but it was still hilly with a long climb right after the turn around. On the run I had wondered if I biked too hard but I think I did it just right. The course was on the infamous road "The Dirt Road from Hell" at the beginning of the run I was like this isn't so bad, but then you know when you're in hell. The footing was sandy and rocky the course was hilly and it was hot by then. You can see from my feet above in the picture what it did to my heels. ouch!!! I'm still trying to get over that. I had the 3rd fastest run time on a slow course of 38.43. The end result was 6th overall in 2:04.48.

I'd like to thank the people who helped me out Tabitha, Brent, Stephen, Colonel's Bike Shop, and Jesus Christ for the ability!!! Next weekend I'll be racing in Clearlake which is South of Houston, a little furthur than I orginally thought but it should be a good time.

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