Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cedar Creek Lake OWS Clinic Last Sunday

Last Sunday after church hours about 6 locals showed up for me teach them through a grueling 2.5 hour session of open water training. The 1 hour I had planned quickly turned into 2.5 hours as I my list was long of things I wanted cover and I wanted to be sure they had it down, or at least enough where they could practice with it on there own later. We went over all kinds of things from basic body position, sighting, mechanics, and even starts. I told them from the beginning the swimming portion is my hardest part of the triathlon but I've learned a lot from a variety of individuals and it's coming along. Most of people I worked with were looking a lot better by the time I finished working with them. It's always great to see progress being made, some people this was there first open water swim and for them to build confidence in the water was great to see.

Here is what a few people said about it or me through facebook, email, or discussion forum.

Hi William, I went swimming today @ the Cain center to get a 250 yd time. I wore my tri suit and tried to work on what you taught me Sunday. I still have a long way to go but my 225 meter time was 4.34. I thought I miscounted my laps so I waited 5 minutes and did another 225, this time it was 4.44. Wow you don't have a clue to how much you helped me. All I can say is that I owe you one. Thank you so much for your help and good luck this weekend. Steve

William...thanks for putting on a great clinic today!!! Ready to apply what I learned and start seeing improvement :)

I know everyone knows William and those who know him very well will describe him as a very disciplined man.
To me the time that he has spent with all of us at the lake has been very valuable. He is a very good teacher and very patient. Those are very good virtues.
I don't want to talk for all of us but he has earned a lot respect from me.
Thanks once again.Rocio Mullins
Keep fighting the good fight

So teaching the open water with the Cedar Creek Lake locals was fun, we will do it again. Now I gotta get mentally prepared for the Stonebridge Sprint this weekend.


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