Friday, September 18, 2009

New Place with New Mates!

I just moved into a new place this week, not far from where I used to live in Gun Barrel City, Tx where tobacco is the city flower, and where you find crystal meth in just about every neighborhood, and going to Walmart is like going to view a freak show for free.

Meet my new roommates. This is Josh.

Josh is a graduate from East Texas Baptist University and is part of the Eustace ISD faculty where he is physical education teacher and the Head Cross Country coach with a young team who are ranked 2nd in the District.

He is also a real good runner how has a lot of potential to be a great triathlete. He has done a few triathlons in the last couple of years, on a borrowed a bike. I need a training partner, someone who can push me out here in the sticks. We know triathlon equipment can be expensive, so if you have anything like a wetsuit or a tri bike you would like to donate or sale then let me know.

This is Jimmy!

Jimmy is a Texas A&M graduate and part of the Mabank ISD faculty where he is a science teacher and also the tennis and basketball coach. He likes to grill steaks and he just got a 2009 Camaro.

Despite all the rain we have been having in Texas this past week training is going well and I haven't missed a workout because of it. Coach Brent Poulsen had me on the track yesterday trying to sharpen up some speed and I super excited about racing in DFW next weekend in the Stonebridge Ranch triathlon, which is also the USAT Texas State Championships.

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