Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mayor Price's Tour de Fort Worth

This was the third week of the Tour de Fort Worth that Mayor Betsy Price is leading, but the first time I've gotten to participate in. This was the great opportunity to ride my bike where I normally wouldn't go. Today we started at the Riverside trailhead on East 4th St. and rode up to the Fort Worth Stockyards and by the oldest cemetery in Fort Worth that dates back to 1850. This ride brought some interesting riders out. For example, the bleach blonde tanned guy with a t-shirt and baggy shorts (my roommate), the hippie cyclist with a tie-dyed shirt and hairy legs, and the commuter who's biked across the United States and carries a large basket on the back, we called him Jack Daniel's because of his bike jersey he wore.

Here are a few shots I got.

Mayor Price spinning the legs

In the Fort Worth Stockyards

Group Shot at Pioneers Rest- Oldest Fort Worth Cemetery 1850

The Mayor and I pre-ride.

13 Tornadoes touched down in DFW and today is picture perfect gorgeous weather

The hippie cyclist

Jack Daniel's guy the commuter

Cool personalized helmet

If you guessed it, I'm just enjoying an easy week--but I'm looking forward to getting back after it.

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