Sunday, September 19, 2010

OnUrLeft Sports and Update

I am grateful to announce a sponsorship with OnUrLeft Sports a Houston, Texas based company. OnUrLeft Sports is the most comprehensive multi sport team, offering a variety of services which include monthly coaching and a variety of performance testing, and nutritional guidance. I'd like to thank the owner Aaron Palaian for this opportunity.

The sister company OnUrMark Productions puts on simply the best triathlons including the Gateway to the Bay and the Bridgeland sprint triathlon. This weekend is also the debut of The Houston Triathlon which is expected to sale out any day now. Currently on 27 spots left!!! Be sure and check them out!!!

This week I had to find a new place to swim on the lake since someone ran their barge into a bridge that crosses over from Gun Barrel City to Seven Points where I usually go swimming. The bridge is closed now and anyways I owe a huge thanks to Steve and Jane Shorrock for "opening" up their boat deck to me and allowing me to get that needed open water swimming in. They are super cool and allowed me and my friend Candice to ride on their jet skis all over the lake this weekend for a couple of hours. We are both super sore right now. I wish I had brought my camera on the jet ski, but I was kinda scared about dropping it in.

Some of you may know, I dropped out of Prairie Man half-irondue due to a slight pull in my hamstring at the end of the bike last weekend. It was my first time to drop out of a race due to physical (in)abilities. Well, praise God for some healing because all seems to be good now! I didn't do much this week as I was starting to go crazy mid-week. I did some icing, epsom salt baths, massage, ultra sound, and gentle stretching. The massage lady, Ginger, made me hurt really bad, every time she would go over my calves my feet would cramp up. It's hard being patient.

Well since all is good now, I'll be at the Stonebridge triathlon in McKinney this weekend. It's time to get my booty in shape. Not sure how well it's going to go but regardless can't wait to give it a shot.

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