Sunday, December 4, 2016

Tyler Turkey Trot 2016

This was the second time for us to the Tyler Turkey Trot as a family with Calley, Evan,  Rylan, and Noah ( a good friend of our family). The Tyler Turkey Trot always seems to bring in a few of the best runners in the area. This was just about 10 days after the Salute to Service 5K, I did, recently. 

Noah and Rylan. 
Rylan sprinting through the crowds. 

Calley pushing Evan to the finish line. 
From the start it was fast. I started in the second row to avoid going out too hard because I knew the current lack of some anaerobic work I would get shot off the back sooner than later. I got off to a decent start with the young runners quickly into the top ten. By about 3/4ths of a mile, I was in 5th where I would stay the rest of the way chasing the front pack down. I could see the lead runner through most of the race. I hit the first mile in 5:03, so the front pack must have been at least around 4:50.  We did slow down significantly after that or at least I did, anyhow. By two miles I knew I saw Miles (#1394) had fallen off the front pack and I was trying to close down on him, but by the time we neared the end it was too, late.

Miles, trying to hold me off. 

Miles got me by 12 seconds and I finished in 16:30, which was my fastest 5K this year. Which isn't too far off what I what I was doing in college and on less than half the volume/intensity. College ended for me just over ten years ago.  I've been taking a slow and gradual approach getting back into more running this year, so far it seems to be working. 

Thanks to Mike B for the video! 

We ended up 5th overall and 1st 30-34 and we like to add 1st overall Daddy to that, since the top 4 were 8-15 years younger than me. The top four included some young studs, 1st Grady Frazier, 2nd Haftu Knight, 3rd Connor Benson and 4th Miles Zeorlin.

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