Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Hypnotic Donut Dash

Last weekend we went running for donuts in Dallas and we also made it a weekend family vacation by spending the rest of our time at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine with an indoor water park at its hotel.

The venue for this race was in Fair Park of Dallas. So, it was mostly flat, but that wind on the way back. It was about 42 degrees at race start. I figured I was running for 2nd today with the top Master's Runners (50 years) in the USA here, James Jackson. At least it would be a chance to PR I told myself, if I could hang onto him as long as possible without an epic blow up. There were a few other fast looking guys around too.

I lined up at the last second after a few sets of strides and off we go. I settle in around the top 7 or so at the start. I look for James but I didn't see him right away and he then he comes by. I knew not to get out ahead of him at first. Just keep close and cover his moves. It wasn't very long at all before he formed at gap, but after that first mile the gap wasn't getting any larger and just after the halfway point on our way back in a long stretch of road, I noticed the gap getting closer and his turnover wasn't quick like you would expect. I hadn't looked at my watch the whole race but I figured I'm running much better than I thought I could or he's have a really off day. We took left up a very short steep hill on our way back and I caught him. Alright, I told myself, time to floor it, no waiting around. I pushed passed him and was surprised he didn't go with me. At this point we still have over a mile to go and I'm in severe agony. A half mile out, I'm doing all I can to hang on, my arms feel like I'm carrying weights, they feel so heavy. I wanted to either slow way down or drop out, I was in some severe pain. However, I was impressed how mentally strong I was able to keep pushing despite the extreme discomfort I was in.

Just before the finish we had a  sharp U-Turn about 250 meters from the finish, I look at my watch it says 15:06, I thought yes!! A chance for a PR, I put a huge sprint effort in, collapse at the finish line and curl up like a baby. When I do stand up, I'm super dizzy! Never have I ever felt like that before from pushing hard. I just won by 14 seconds in 15:54, with James and another guy not too far behind.  The course was short at 3 miles but still a 3 mile PR for me. At that point, I knew James and a really bad "off" day and later he would tell me ALL about it.

This was a super fun race. I also participated in the "Chubby Bunny" contest. I'm a little dissapointed how I did here as I finished 4th,, the judge cut me off after I had 21 donut holes in my mouth and couldn't say Chubby Bunny anymore.

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