Tuesday, September 17, 2013

TriFecta Triathlon

Hell's Gate at Possum Kingdom Lake
I've been reading, reading a lot actually. Mostly business/leadership type books, but these books also can be put into translation for triathlon or any other athletic event. I'm currently reading two books right now that I would recommend Orrin Woodward's book "Resolved" and " The Magic of Thinking Big" by Daniel J. Schwartz. Reading these books built my confidence up coming into the week of TriFecta.

Pre- swim warmup Business face is on.

I've been swimming a lot this year, but have been seeing very little return but keeping at the grind. Finally, though I saw something that came out of nowhere this weekend as I led the age group swim wave well past the first turn. I could feel people on my feet throughout I wasn't too worried about it. I was pretty excited because I never lead anything that was in the water regardless of what level of competition it was. I am used to getting run over soon as we start.  On the back stretch I ended up losing position but not my much, I caught him through transition. 

Coming out 2nd of the water in the age group wave.

Through transition I mounted my bike like a rookie, I never saw the mount sign. I just kept running down the street finally I said I must have passed it but mistimed my jump on the bike and had to stop and get it on. The bike was harder than we expected with false flats, rollers, and one steep climb just before halfway through. At the halfway point I knew I wasn't too far behind the pros that started just 4 minutes ahead of me. On the way back in, I didn't think the signs were marked correctly, there was sign that said right up ahead and I ended up turning into this boat dock thinking that's where I shoes were after making the turn I realize that wasn't correct so had to spin out of there get back on the road. Once I saw T2 and came in set my bike on the rack and the pole popped out, volunteers had to come hold my bike so I could put my shoes on.

On the run course, I started out feeling great but didn't think the course was marked too well and the volunteers may have needed more coffee. Arrows were pointing to the right when I should have went straight and where I was supposed to make a turn to get on the trail I didn't know I was supposed to turn until the last second. I ended up knocking down a few chairs and nearly taking out the volunteers. The first 3 miles of the run was more challenging then anybody thought it was there was a asphalt hill steeper than the hills on the Buffalo Springs course and the trails had some steep inclines and full of rocks to watch out for. It felt like I as Xterra trail running. Through the trails I knew Jose wasn't too far behind in there but I was confident I could still hold him off. But after two miles through I was having to manage stomach cramps, actually I had them on the bike but got them to go away for awhile. Once we exited the trail I knew he was there, I held him off for almost another mile, but couldn't respond to him once he caught me.

Finishing as the 2nd amateur and 2nd 25-29 male. 

Top 3 25-29 males (Jose on the right)
I thank God for a great race! The biggest weakest for me is of course the swim, this maybe the first sign of progress I've made in awhile, if ever. It's probably the first race where my swim has ranked higher than the bike or run. Next week will be a better test of that though.  I'm actually working to eat gluten-free to hopefully eliminate these stomach issues I've been having in every race so far this year. Calley has was super supportive, she made the weekend a lot more fun! This weekend we are going race Galveston 5150.


Thanks to the SO PRO Stacy McKinney for taking the picture. 

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