Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tyler Turkey Trot 5K

It was Evan's first 5K! Calley pushed him the whole way and both were troopers!  

I practiced a new race day breakfast for me with calculated carbs and fluids to see how my body would handle it. I was "feeling" fast during the warm up.  The race however, I got off to about a 10 second late start. I was in the back getting a good luck kiss from Calley and Evan. Walking back up the front I heard the horn go off. I ran about sub 4:45 pace the first half mile. The time I was about to catch up to the front group they were pulling away again.  Then I was doing all I could to sustain finishing officially in 17:40 but really ran a 17:30 for 5th overall and 1st age group. 

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