Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cap Tex Triathlon

After Memphis, Calley and I headed to Austin for the Cap Tex Tri. I was seeking redemption after the previous week's 10k run off the bike. 

We were there early for a little mini-vacation and were welcomed by rain showers Saturday morning. We both did a little run outside of the hotel

Friday afternoon we were out and about exploring off Lady Bird Lake trail and we were about to hop onto this dam to feel the cool water until we saw this snake waiting here, shown below.

We also found these pair of swan's swimming along too. They both came right up next to us gawking for our camera phones.

Saturday morning we started the day off with a nice huge breakfast at place called Abel's on the Lake. This nice place with an outdoor seating deck off Lake Austin. The water looked much cleaner then the water we would be swimming in the following morning.

Race morning came along and I was pretty excited I had some good rest the last couple of days. I love waking up without an alarm clock, that is something I could get used to. I was mentally prepared to rock this out. I came out of the water with an average swim for me, minutes down from where I need to be and should be. 

The Cap Tex bike course is through downtown Austin requires the abilities to make sharp turns and high power output to get rolling again, neither which I have but I felt like I was doing pretty well on the bike. There is also a short steep hill or two in the loop we did x 4. As technical as the Cap Tex course that you have to repeat 4 times with 2,000 other cyclists on the road, it's still a beauty, especially biking in front of the Texas Capital.

I was feeling good on and once I got off the bike, however it didn't take long at all before my legs felt like logs and could never get them moving again (same story in Memphis, part 2). Brad Williams a RWB Triathlete caught me walking within 2 miles and said "We're from Texas, we don't walk" he was right about that, endurance athletes from Texas are some of the toughest athletes I know. I didn't walk the rest of the way, I at least kept one foot off the ground. 

After this race I was pretty mentally beat up and ready to retire. I did almost for a whole week but Calley encouraged me to keep "tri-ing". My goal is to get back to having fun with it then the W's will come. I thank God for my God-given talent and plan to use it also the amazing people who support me: Calley, my parents, Revolution Multi-Sport, Extremus and all my mentors and friends.

Always scoop up yo dawg's poop!! Ain't nobody got  time to be steppin' in all of dat! 

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