Monday, February 9, 2009

Orbea Ordu

The rumor is true I'll have new ride for the 2009 season. This past weekend I visited Colonel's bicycle shop in downtown Fort Worth and got fitted by the Colonel himself. Last time I was there training with pro Brent Poulsen I got hooked on the Orbea Ordu, so returning from that trip I tried to find some reviews on the Ordu but could find nothing negative. I called the Colonel up when I was ready get fit for the Ordu and take it out on a ride. In the top picture you can see the Colonel adjusting the seat height for me.

When I was riding he checked my watts for a minute and I was putting out over 300 watts pretty easily he said that was movin'.
The Ordu has all Dura Ace components with Mavic wheels for training and Zipp bars.

This guy getting my sub 9 disc to line up with the cassette.
My buddy McManic came and met me up there and after we got everything together I took out on a ride. The bike is wicked fast and really smooth,even on bumps and chip seal I barely feel it compared to my aluminum road bike.

Next time is the Parke Way Fitness Resolution 5k this weekend in Longview, Texas.

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