Monday, February 9, 2009

Parkway Fitness Resolution 5k

This weekend I was in Tyler/Longview and got some good training in. I went the night before to Kami's house and we rode over the Longview to do a 5k with Charity and newcomer to the tri lifestyle KD. The race didn't exactly start on time so I warmed up longer than I intended to keep my heart rate elevated and my body warm before the start. I wasn't exactly rested for the race considering I ran an hour before and lifted heavy.
In Longview Saturday morning it wasy very windy with the temperature in the mid 30's and the course was stinkin' hilly.
I started off fairly easy and watched to see who was going to make a run for it. It didn't take long for my competiveness and ego to kick in as I took the lead at the first turn about a 1/4 mile into the race and never looked back from there.
However the course up and down long steep hills. I ran the hills pretty hard thinking it's good training for Buffalo Springs. The course was out and back, so on the way back I would high five a few people.
I wasn't that impressed with my time I thought I could atleast break 17 but considering the wind and hills I can it's ok. I ended up with a 17.22 and new pair of shoes.
It was good to see my mom who made the 30 minute drive all the way out to see me do a 5k. Thanks to Jesus for not letting me freeze and letting me win a pair of shoes. I may have been the only person out there with a combination short sleeves and t shirt on. When we got back to Tyler I did about an hour of swimming and then rode my bike inside Kami's living room for 2 hours and changed the intensity up constantly to simulate hills while listening to her son Dave Ipod music which he had a lot hard rock with kept my legs pumpin' good the whole time. After a triple workout day I was pretty tired. That night before heading back I ate with at Jalapeno Tree with my friend Kelly. I tried to pick something that would fill me up. So I ordered some shrimp enchiladas with rice and beans. When I finished I told Kelly I think I'm still hungry. Then later I played video games with some UT Tyler cross country guys, and I really suck at video games. This week is the last week of "heavy strength training" phase then we'll take a recovery week.
Next thing planned is the Radio Shack Cowtown 10k in downtown Fort Worth, February 28th!

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