Monday, June 28, 2010

Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake

It was tough weekend in Lubbock. The plan was to race tactical and conservative. You don't want to blow up on this course and with the heat. I got off to a good start on the swim. By the first turn I found myself right behind Tyler Johnson, I got on his feet for awhile and somehow lost him and then later I saw him just up ahead again, so I kept him in sight and another guy comes along and I jump on his feet to the end. I rushed to T1 and found Tyler still getting his helmet on. My swim was a 28:06, but I am sure this a few minutes short.

On the bike the hills were tough, but I didn't push as hard as I could up them, but kept the effort steady and controlled and still out climbed most people. I sat (legally) behind Tyler for the first 10 miles. I kept a steady conservative effort on the bike for the most part. At mile 45 I found Weslie Anderson, who beat me at Galveston by 20s. I sat behind him for a few minutes before going by and tried to reel in David Jones from the Richardson Bike Mart, that guy is solid strong!!! He brought me into T2. I biked the course in 2:26.25 with a 22.97 mph average.

The 13.1 mile run was long and painful. I didn't have no legs for the run. I have never walked so much in a half marathon before. I kept looking back thinking Tyler or Weslie would catch me, but apparently there were lots of people having a much harder time than I was. David Jones caught me again with about 4 miles to go but I wasn't able to go with him. My run time was a 1:36.32 for a 7:22 mi/pace. I ended up 51st OA and 5th in my age group an overall time of 4:33.34. Buffalo Spring 70.3 was a humbling experience.

Congrats to Bo and Bryce for finishing their first 70.3 along with my new friend Sarah. A shout to my coach Brent Poulsen who killed it for 8th overall in 4:o6 and a run time of 1:20 on a very tough course. Also to Brent's fiancée Carley for looking over an economics paper I had due for school. Thanks to Cam for letting us at crash at his house. Thank Jesus! for letting me survive the race and the long drive.

Here a few pics from the weekend.

The finisher's shot.

Before our Saturday morning prep ride. Notice how big my rear has gotten since I've been riding bikes.

Team dinner at Chili's.

Me and Brent before our prep ride. Notice how he is decked out his K Swiss gear and I went with a t shirt and aviator sunglasses.

Me and Cam ran into Terenzo Bozzone, who ended up 2nd overall.

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  1. Still an awesome time. Great effort!

    Sounds like you played the bike smart trying to conserve a bit for the run. Hopefully you find your balance and click on all three next time!

    Impressive time!